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Tag: Gratitude


Listening to the World 

I went for a walk recently and although I had my Ipod on me, I didn’t use it. Typically, I love to have music playing and blasting in my ears while I’m working out, but I noticed on this particular walk that by the time I was done, my head was completely clear and I was motivated for the week to come. I attribute this sense of euphoria to actually listening to the world around me. It was a bright, warm day and I was present in that moment. I was conscience of my breathing, something I haven’t been listening to for some time. I was alive.


Book of Intentions 

A Book of Intentions, not to be confused with the Book of Shadows from Charmed, may help you unlock your mind and start living to the fullest. You could call it a diary or a journal, but what I like about calling it a “Book of Intentions” is you can literally write down your future. This is a book for you to jot down all of your goals and wildest dreams. It’s also a place for you to write down daily feelings of gratitude and affirmations. I’m a firm believer in if you write it down, you will bring it to fruition.