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Manifest Magic Day Planner & Life Designer


“I’ve been practicing the law of attraction for over a decade. Writing down my goals and wants, especially in alignment with moon phases, has supercharged my manifestation powers. I wanted to share this magic with my audience, so I created the Manifest Magic Planner.” -Nikki

What is the Law of Attraction?The law of attraction is the power of manifesting our desires through our thoughts. “Like attracts like” “Positive attracts positive” By having a clear idea of what we want while putting positive focus on the vision and embodying these wants as already being ours, we send out ripples of energy through the cosmos.

The Universe then responds by drawing in the things you want (opportunities, love, dream house, etc.) However, it’s not all positive thinking and vision boards… we have to meet the Universe halfway. How do we do this? By having an action plan. If we’re not doing the work in some capacity, we’ll have a hard time attaining our dreams. That’s where the planner comes in…I designed this planner with a few things in mind…

-Getting to know yourself through monthly journal prompts so you can open your heart and mind to the whisperings of your soul

-Setting your intentions with affirmations and releasing what no longer serves you with gratitude, while envisioning a crystal clear picture of the life you are designing during each New Moon and Full Moon

-Soothing the adult mind while letting our inner child create art with coloring pages. Coloring pages for the 2022 planner are illustrated by amazing photographer and artist, Heather Johnson.

-Weekly scheduling pages that include sections for you to plan your goals, self-care, meal plan and workout goals

-Month end reviews so we can give ourselves kudos for the things we did well and make shifts in the areas that we need to work on