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I’m very excited to be a part of the Aloha Affiliate Program and here’s why. As someone who is concerned about good nutrition, but also wants food to taste AMAZING, Aloha is the best of both worlds. I’ve tried numerous protein powders over the years, but none as “clean” as Aloha’s. First off, it’s organic. In a world where there is a great shift toward wanting organic products, this is a definite plus, especially since other protein powders are loaded with chemicals. (Tip: Go organic when you can. I get it, it’s expensive and I don’t want anyone going poor over a piece of fruit, but if you find something at a good price go for it!) That tip brings me to my next point, it’s a fair price. There are non-organic proteins MUCH more expensive than this, so it’s a no-brainer to me to choose Aloha over any other brand. Lastly, the offer vitamin supplements, organic teas, green smoothie mixes, trail mix and get this… CHOCOLATE BARS. They are the perfect brand for my busy lifestyle and I truly appreciate their care in choosing quality ingredients. (TRY IT!)


Another amazing affiliate program that helps you meet your goals. What I love about my FitBit Flex isthat it keeps me moving. It sets a goal for you of 10,000 steps a day. You can also input your weightloss goals and track your calories throughout the day. FitBit is a great way to keep yourself accountable.They come in many different styles and colors, sync to your smart phone or computer, and allow you to challenge other users to some friendly competition. For anyone needing that added accountability, I highly recommend getting a FitBit. Entering your workouts and food intake will become second nature and really allow you to see how “good” you are actually being. (BUY NOW!)

Young Living

After hearing my friends gush about loving their essential oil diffusers, my inner hippie was intrigued and started doing some research. I came across many studies about the benefits of aroma therapy, organic topical products, and even ingesting EOs. Many of them can rewrite bad cells in your body. AMAZING.

I signed up as a wholesaler with Young Living for a few reasons:

1. They have a seed to seal guarantee which is better than organic.

2. They are therapeutic grade oils which means they are in their purest state and can be used in many ways.

3. They have an amazing educational group online called The Apothecary Society.

4. The Discount! 24% off is too good to pass up. I knew I was addicted the moment the oils made me sleep soundly, so I might as well get them on discount.


If you’d like more information, email and you’ll be added into Apothecary Society.



Nikki Nurtures for Elephant Pants Affiliates Program


These magnificent creatures are being threatened and they need our help now more than ever. By ordering a pair of The Elephant Pants, you’ll receive your next favorite pair of pants & help save the elephants. To help save the elephants, we are donating $1 or $2 from every item we sell to the African Wildlife Foundation. It will support the Say No Campaign which is a public awareness campaign aimed at stopping the demand for illegal wildlife products, specifically ivory and rhino horn.

Shop through my link and use code: nikki_nurtures to save 15% on your pair of Elephant Pants. (SHOP)



No perks from me with this one, BUT If you online shop as much as I do, you’ll love this! When you shop your favorite stores through Ebates, you get cash back on all your purchases. Now who doesn’t love getting money back?! Joining Ebates is always free and 4 times a year or more, they’ll mail you a check or transfer money to your paypal account for all the the cash back you have received. They can even donate the money to your favorite charity. 100% free. (EARN)


“Abra-zine!” E-Mag

“Abra-zine!” which is a play on the terms “Abracadabra” and “Magazine” is a seasonal E-mag that spotlights the magic of creativity and inspiration! I have had the pleasure of being a regular contributor to this awesome E-mag which features art and inspirational stories from all over the globe. The magazine is expanding rapidly and always looking for contributors! Learn how you can submit your work HERE! (READ)

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