We’ve all been there… heartache. Romantic relationships coming to an end. Death of loved ones and pets. Traumatic world events. Missed opportunities. The list goes on and on. Heartache is tough because the heart doesn’t know logic. It’s the hardest emotional wound to heal and typically takes way longer than we want. Rose Quartz – typically placed in my bra so it’s close to my heart – has helped ease the healing journey of heartache for me more than once. Most people understand it as the stone of love, but it’s actually for mending and healing the heart and can be used to heal relationships as well!

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is a variety of quartz crystal.

What color is Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is a pale pink.

What is Rose Quartz good for?

Rose Quartz helps replace negative emotions with positive ones, wards off negativity, creates balance, and restores us to a state of pure love.

Who is Rose Quartz good for?

Rose Quartz is good for anyone that needs to heal their heart and mind, as well as restore and amplify pure and unconditional love for themselves and others.

Where is Rose Quartz found?

Rose Quartz can be found across the United States, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, India, and some European countries.

Where can you buy Rose Quartz?

If you don’t live near a metaphysical shop, you can find Rose Quartz in many online crystal shops… and even on Amazon!