When I’m having nightmares, I place quartz and amethyst under my pillow. When I feel an energetic funk, I bust out selenite towers. When I crave balance and truth, I wear some red jasper. When I’m suffering from a broken heart, I put rose quartz in my bra. Crystals really have a beautiful and positive effect on our lives and no matter what you need help with, there’s a crystal for it!

When I started diving deeper into my writing and started the process of writing books, I felt like I had a hard time expressing in typed words what I so easily was able to speak about. For some reason, my natural voice wasn’t flowing freely onto the paper (or computer screen). It was frustrating, but I knew with consistency, practice, and simply showing up to write I would eventually hit my stride and my speaking voice would hit the page. I also knew, as a spiritualist, I wanted some new age help to aid this process.

An instagram friend of mine does custom crystal matching for her clients, so it was a no-brainer to reach out to Shante’ at @GotLostGotFound. I explained what was going on and within a week, a little box showed up at my door with this gorgeous sodalite sphere + a little stand to put it on. I sat it on my desk and it instantly felt good to have it there and like my journey and practices with other crystals, it started working its’ magic.

What is Sodalite?

Sodalite is a mineral gemstone.

What color is Sodalite?

Sodalite is royal blue.

What is Sodalite good for?

Sodalite is widely used for calming the mind and bringing order to thoughts, which creates emotional balance and soothes the mind during anxiety or panic attacks.  It aids in forming rational thought, objectivity, and truth. It strengthens intuition and the verbalization of feelings. There is an enhanced, positive sense of self.

Who is Sodalite good for?

Sodalite is a great crystal for writers, speakers, and business leaders, as it aids in verbalization, communication, and clear thought.

Where is Sodalite found?

Most sodalite is found near Golden, British Columbia. Other locations include South America (Brazil and Bolivia), Portugal, Romania, Burma and Russia.

Where can you buy Sodalite?

If you don’t live near a metaphysical shop, you can find Sodalite in many only crystal shops… and even on Amazon!