Since I moved in November 2020, I’ve been very focused on making my home feel like home. I rent, but I’ve always been in spaces that weren’t quite put together. The mentality of “it’s just a rental” and just throwing the essential furniture in each room without much thought left me with restless energy — as I’ve come to understand it recently. I’m not tied to a space, but I want it to feel complete. When I walk through the door, I want it to feel like MY HOME. So, I’ve spent quite a bit of time decorating, creating a vibe, and making sure I was utilizing the space I have.

In my second floor loft, I had an alcove, which was perfect for the cat litter bench. But when I was working at my desk and looked over to my right, that little alcove was just incomplete nothingness. I decided to turn it into a book nook.

The space was about 54″ wide by 56″ long. I knew I needed a custom platform for in there and I’m lucky enough to have a handy friend that helped me out (I also paid him. Please pay people for their skills and time.) I kept the color scheme similar to the rest of my home, but added a little bit of artsy, witchery to it as well. Peel and stick wallpaper should be the best friend to anyone that rents. It’s relatively inexpensive, doesn’t ruin the walls, and completely transforms the room in just a couple hours. Throw up some floating shelves and you have a book nook!

Here’s a 5 minute transformation video!

This entire room was decorated with stuff I found on Amazon. I’m really a one-stop-shop kinda gal.

Here is all the decor you see: