Name: Lucia Figueroa

Location: Sylmar, CA

Name of Business: Sweets by L.Figgy

Type of Business: Baked Goods (low carb-sugar and gluten free)

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur and start your own company?

As a matter of fact no I did not. This passion really started through the COVID-19 pandemic.

What were you doing before?

I still currently work for a catholic School in Van Nuys as the bookkeeper. It’s a small school with little money and I was asked to help out in the office and ended up doing the bookkeeping for them. I never had any type of schooling prior just learned as I went along.

When did you decide to make the switch and why?

I decided mid March 2020 when my work hours were going to be cut. I started to panic thinking what are we going to do. Trust me when I say I get paid minimum wage and work way more hours then I get paid for but I knew that going in so I can’t complain. I figured I better come up with something and something quick. I’ve been baking these low carb, free from sugar and gluten goodies for a few months and my family really loved them. So I thought “hey everybody is going to be home for the foreseeable future and they might at one point want to start watching what they eat but will still want something sweet” so from that point on I just started baking for family then they started posting my stuff and their friends asked them about them and bam my business started taking off.

What gave you the idea for your business?

The interest that people had for my baked goods. And it wasn’t my family I was referring to because no matter what family wants you to succeed but when outside people started following me on Instagram and wanted info on my baked goods that was enough validation to give me the motivation I needed to get my business started.

How would you describe your brand?

I believe my baked goods are good. They give you the feeling that you are cheating on your diet but you’re really not. I have made sure that they are tasty that even a child will have them and not think they are yucky.

What was your biggest hurdle in starting your own business?

Me, myself and I. I was my worst critic and still am. It didn’t matter how many people asked for and enjoyed my stuff, it didn’t matter. I thought I could do better. I finally said to myself “will you stop shutting down any progress and just go with it”

Can you give us an overview of what a normal workday is like for you?

I get up at 7am, I have my normal personal routine then I make sure all my orders are complete and notify all customers that their orders are complete. They then let me know if they need it delivered or they will be doing a curbside pickup. Once I get all the organized I begin with my other job as bookkeeper. I answer emails, input data and so forth. During the day I check to see if I have received any more orders and get back to those customers and details and then return back to my bookkeeping job. I then write down all orders that can in throughout the day have some family time then start cleaning my work space and get ready for baking around 9 pm to about 2-3 am. I do this because I am baking from home and do not want to take up room in the kitchen during the day. All my baked goods are made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

What is your 5-year goal for your business?

I would love to have a small spot to bake and sell my product. To be quite honest I would love to have a shelf in an establishment that doesn’t already make low carb-sugar and gluten free products. I love to bake and I believe that if I had a shop of my own that it would take some of the passion away because of the pressure and stress to make it all work everyday. I love to bake to make people happy and if I get some money for doing it, it’s just that much better. I hope this makes sense.

What is one piece of advice for you have for other women who want to start their own business?

Do not let your fears control you. You need to have the passion and motivation to do what you love. Know deep in your heart that if it’s something you’re passionate about it will happen. You just can’t allow yourself to stand in the way. Some of my biggest mottos are “Love what you do” and “Do what you love”