Christy Sanborn, owner of more.

Name: Christy Sanborn

Location: Havertown , Pa(hometown)/ Livingston, Nj (current town)

Name of Business: more.

Type of Business: Inspirational Guidance Coaching

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur and start your own company?

“Hmm.. yes. I’ve always envisioned being the boss. I guess it’s because I’ve had so many jobs in my life. I know what it feels like to be on the other side of the boss so to speak. I always thought that I would make a better boss than any boss that I’ve ever had. I believe in treating your employees like gold. I believe in trusting your employees and I believe only in positive reinforcement. I always knew I would have my own business someday but I never knew exactly what kind of business I would open.”

What were you doing before?

“Before? Well, I’ve been a men’s hairstylist for 20 years. I only cut men’s hair never women’s hair. I also was a server in a restaurant for a year last year. I am a full time mom and I also host a podcast with a friend of mine. But before all of that, I have probably had about 50 jobs. Working in restaurants, car dealerships, supermarkets, strip clubs, office buildings, you name it.”

When did you decide to make the switch and why?

“Great question. Well, after thinking for a while about possibly opening up my own hair salon, I realized that that wasn’t what I wanted to do. As much as I love working in the salon, it’s not the hair cutting that I love the most. It’s the therapy and inspiration behind the chair that I love to offer to people. So after I decided that, that was my favorite part about work I then started to research what jobs I could just focus on inspiring and uplifting people in. At first I thought about getting certification to become a life coach but there are to many rues and guidelines that go along with being a life coach. I was seeking a career in which I could have unlimited freedom to help people without all of the rules and regulations. So I decided to call myself an Inspirational Guidance Coach. I think I am the only one in the world. I opened up my coaching business on March 1st 2020. My business is called “more.” I named it that because I really feel that we all could be “more.” Love more, appreciate more, listen more, care more, give more.”

What gave you the idea for your business?

“Well funny story. I have this blow up couch that I take to New York City and I offer “free advice” to strangers passing by! It is something that I love to do and I was going into the city for over a year once a week and setting up my popupcouch. I love to set it up right on the sidewalk outside of Grand Central Station. I’ve had it set up in Bryant Park, Times Square, and Union Square. After spending time doing my popupcouch I realized that I have good advice to offer people! People liked my advice and I wanted to have my own office space to practice coaching people one on one. (From a permanent couch instead of a blow up couch.)”

From NYC Popup Couch
To Cozy Office Space of more.

How would you describe your brand?

“My brand is still in the making I think. I’m excited to see how it evolves.”

What was your biggest hurdle in starting your own business?

“Honestly, I haven’t had any hurdles! It was Divine timing I believe to start this business.”

Can you give us an overview of what a normal workday is like for you?

“Sure! I start my day before 6:00 am doing a 15 min meditation laying in my bed. Then around 6:00 am my 4 year old son wakes up saying “Hey Mom and Dad!” Then after breakfast I play with him and get him to school. I try and get a workout in or a power walk. I listen to inspirational speakers on You Tube every morning to get me in my zone. I head over to my office and I water my plants. (Plants are my new favorite hobby.). Then if I have a session with a client I always take a quick look at their chart before seeing them or speaking with them over the phone. I write down questions that I may have for them about what’s been happening since we last spoke? I always practice segment intending before speaking to a client. That means I have a clear “outcome” for our conversation before I speak to them. I say a prayer also before any conversation with my clients. I always ask for God’s help and his wisdom to speak through me to my clients. After my sessions I head home to retrieve my son from the school bus. Then it’s play time and dinner time. I greet my husband at the door every night when he gets home. We all try and have dinner together if possible. I kiss both of my kids goodnight and try to get some good reading in before bed. I finish every day with a prayer and feeling so grateful.”

What is your 5-year goal for your business?

“My 5 year goal is to have many more people on my team. Therapists, speakers, coaches, influencers, moms, dads, leaders. I want to make the town that I live in the greatest town ever. A town where people feel whole and happy. A town where people want to live in and raise their kids in. I want to change the word for the better.”

What is one piece of advice for you have for other women who want to start their own business?

“My only piece of advice is listen to your heart. Listen to what it wants. We all have a purpose in this beautiful world. Your calling is totally different from anyone else’s. Build a business around what makes your heart sing the loudest. Trust that feeling and run with it! The world is waiting for you.”