As a scorpio, I crave (and need) deep connection in all of my relationships. I don’t want to just know someone, I want to understand them. That’s especially true in my romantic relationships. What are the things the elevate your happy? How do you deal with stress? How are you actively healing wounds so you don’t project them onto others? What is your darkness so I know how to care for you? It takes vulnerability to dive that deep with people, but if you want a truly happy relationship that’s built on a foundation of deep understanding and connection, we have to put our walls down and let people into our hearts and minds. We need to let our souls dance.

I love good conversation and I feel the best ones are always over that late night glass (or bottle) of wine, snuggled up with blankets, good music… maybe some open windows to let a breeze in. And let’s face it, alcohol is truth serum so It may help even the most private of people open up. You want to pull something out of me? Just add Pinot Noir and eye contact. If your vibe is right, everything you need to know about me will pour out.

Sometimes we don’t think about discussing certain things or maybe we’re too scared to bring it up. What does your ideal life look like in 5 years? How would you want children raised? What is the thing you’re most afraid of in life? I’m a firm believer in “if you have a question, ask it”. Shoot your shot. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t throw. But, because of fear, pride, or ego, we tend to not jump in too deep with people which is really a shame.

To help us be more open with one another, but make it fun (that’s the key), I found some awesome games/conversation starters for couples on Amazon.

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We’re all quarantined any way, so why not use the time to get to know your partner on another level. As humans, we’re always growing and evolving, whether we’re conscious of it or not. So, really, you’ll always be getting to know each other. We’re millions of little nuances and experiences and emotions and lessons — to think you know everything about a person is just silly.

So, order a game and get some amazing wine delivered to you. Jump in with your partner and see what unfolds.