Luckily, I haven’t been burned by ordering clothes from Amazon yet. I’ve had everything fit and the quality was never so bad that I felt disappointed. It is a great way to get trendy clothes at a good price. My advice is to read the size charts carefully (also, know your measurements) and then read the reviews. I typically won’t buy anything if it has less than 600 reviews and 4-stars overall. That’s probably what has saved me some heartache over the years.

I was doing my pre-summer peruse of what boho dresses Amazon has and I was not disappointed. Many of these are dupes. What is a dupe? A dupe is an inspired version of a piece from a well-known designer. We’ve all seen dresses on the internet that we love and maybe we’ve “seen” somewhere else. Likely, the ad you’re seeing is a dupe for the Dolce & Gabbana dress that you know you shouldn’t charge to your credit card. Honestly, unless the designer version is something REALLY special, I’d rather buy 5 dresses for the price of that 1.

I know we’re quarantined and a lot of our plans have been put on the backburner, but getting dressed each day really does help you feel good about yourself and be more productive. With the hotter months creeping up, I wanted to pick a few pieces for you to lounge in your living room in. A flowy boho dress is just a glorified nightgown anyway, right? Here are 10 affordable must-have boho dresses from Amazon that are sure to make you feel like the goddess you are… even if we are social distancing.

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3.5 Stars (not terrible) Almost 900 reviews.
8 Colors. $20.99

Almost 300 ratings and 4.3 stars!
14 colors. $18.99
4 Stars. 300+ ratings.
Over 20 colors/patterns! $23.99

2100+ ratings and 4.5 stars!
Available in 4 colors for $27.99
4 stars! 3200+ reviews. Available in 25 colors/styles (long sleeve, short sleeve, tank!) $24.98 – $28.98
560 reviews. 4 Star Rating.
This comes in 8 colors and is $24.99
22 colors available!
Over 3500 ratings and 4 Stars overall.
$19.99 – $27.99
Over 2800 ratings and 4 Stars Total. This dress comes in 39 colors and patterns.
$23.99 – $28.99
Exception to my ratings rule because the reviews include customer pics! 18 reviews, 4-stars. Comes in 3 colors! $23.99
600+ ratings and 4 Stars!
Available in 5 colors! $31.99

Dresses are effortless. They always make you look put together, which is funny because it is literally the easiest way to get dressed. Oh, let me take this one article of clothing and throw it over my head. Done. I think they’ll definitely help us look and feel better come the summer months.

Which is your favorite? What are your go-to dress styles and colors? I want to hear from you so I can help style you are affordably in the future!

Happy shopping! xoxo