I don’t know why I’ve gone from wearing a bra 24/7 to not wearing one unless I’m working out, but this quarantine has 100% freed my boobs. I’ve seen quite a few of my friend joke on social media that they’ve not worn a bra at all since being quarantined. I don’t know what energy is in the air, but our boobs are forever grateful.

I’ve always been chesty and at a DD, it’s not really acceptable to be braless (Yea, I know, screw the patriarchy) But, now that I’m quarantined alone, I’ve been giving the girls some time to breathe. Any other chesty ladies doing the same? In the last 6 weeks, I’ve noticed them looking perkier and more firm, so I did a little research on what not wearing a bra actually does for you. And guess what? It’s all good things!

  1. Increased circulation – this will help keep the skin firm and start firming up the skin if you’ve been bra dependent.
  2. Better sleep – feeling less restricted will help you feel more comfortable when going down for some Zzzs (I used to sleep with sports bras and I can agree that sleeping without a bra is much more comfortable)
  3. Stronger and Perkier – Gravity actually helps the breast muscle and tissue support itself. So the more you let your boobs and gravity do their thing, the perkier they’ll be (depending on the size of your breasts of course)

And as a side note, and ill-fitting bra can actually do more harm than good, (like pain in the ribs, shoulders and neck – OUCH!) so make sure you’re in the right size and perfect bra for your shape! Since we’re in quarantine and you can’t really go to your local shop for a fitting, how do we measure our bust to make sure we’re in the right bra size? Do this:

  1. Measure around the fullest part of your bust
  2. Measure your underbust (where your band sits)
  3. Bust – Underbust = Cup Size

This is a 36D

The difference is your cup size. Since 4 is a D, 1 is A, 2 is B, 3 is C, 5 is DD, etc.

But, let’s face it, a well-fitting bra can be comfortable too and everyone is different! I’ve seen some of the benefits of not wearing a bra over the last few weeks, but overall, the experience has been freeing. It’s like my inner, ‘let’s burn our bras hippie’ was finally able to unleash!

We’re in quarantine so give the girls a break. Take the bra off and let them live naturally for a while. They’ve been in quarantine much longer than all of us.