Who doesn’t love the taste of fresh juice? It’s amazing and what’s even more amazing is the healthy effects it has on our bodies. I will always try a natural remedy before I take a prescription or OTC medication. People have been healing themselves through nature long before the pharmaceutical companies came to be. (BUT, you should always consult a physician. Don’t be a ding dong.)

Juicing was something I had done, just not religiously. I’m a total sucker for the expensive made-to-order juice bars in my area. I was drinking juices a couple times a month for a little over a year, but for no particular reason other than adding vitamins and minerals to my day.

It always takes me a bit to jump on a health trend bandwagon because I like to do quite a bit of research, so when everyone started downing celery juice, I dove into a few weeks of intense reading. 16oz of cold pressed celery juice on an empty stomach at the start of your day may help with the following:

Energy production
Lowers blood sugar, blood pressure, cholestorol, and triglycerides
Detoxing your body of free radicals (which will also help fight cancer)
Relief of skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis

The benefits were out of this world, so i figured I’d give it a try. I was feeling sluggish, bloated, and achy prior to drinking celery juice every morning. I’m on week 3 of this ritual and I have experienced some really awesome results! I had more energy (which means I was drinking less coffee), my achy joints that used to keep me up at night didn’t hurt as much, my stomach was flatter (BIG WIN!) and I wasn’t craving sugar. As of today, nearing the end of week 3, my jeans are starting to fit looser. HELL YEA!

This has me diving deep into the world of juicing and what other fruits and veggies can do for your body. Basically, I think juicing is the fountain of youth! I’ve been picking up my juice weekly from Kreation Organic, however, to cut costs, I’ll be turning my kitchen into a juice bar with these awesome juicing appliances, accessories, and recipe books!

A space saving, cold-pressed juicer…

Tenergy Masticating Juicer, Anti-Oxidation Slow Speed Cold Press Juicer, High Nutrient Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juice Extractor, Easy to Clean Juicer with Jug and Brush

Storage. Glass bottles all the way…

Pratico Kitchen 18oz Leak-Proof Glass Bottles, Juicing Containers, Water/Beverage Bottles – 6-Pack

Lastly, you need some great recipes. The idea of healing yourself from the inside out is what drew me to juicing. Which fruits are good for heart health? What vegetables help with inflammation? The world of juicing is so vast, so it’s good to grab a few books!

If juicing seems like too much of a hassle for you and you have the cash to spare, there are so many great juice bars (especially, in Los Angeles) that offer weekly pickups and deliveries. My personal favorite is Kreation Organic. Why fresh from a juice bar? Juice should be pure, so skip the prepackaged juices you can buy in your local grocery stores or coffee shops. You’ll want to make sure there is no added anything — sugar, salt, other preservatives. Those things actually hike up the calorie count too.

Last year, I did a juice cleanse, and if you want to read about that adventure CLICK HERE. I had ordered from Chef V and was pleasantly surprised at the taste and freshness of the juice. She even has some soups that were to die for! She has two green juice options: Green and Tropical. Chef V delivers!!! So that is always an option for you as well. Check out Chef V HERE. (Oh, and she uses all organic ingredients!)

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