I do really like makeup, even though I like keeping it simple. I royally hate foundation… doesn’t matter the brand or weight, I just don’t like how it feels or looks. Sure, it serves is purpose, but I’m a CC Cream girl all the way. Sometimes a little goes a long way and I want to demonstrate that theory. Check out this monochromatic makeup look that took me all of 5 minutes to do.

It’s super simple, warm, and flattering without being too in your face. What I like most about doing makeup this way is that it can be your standard look; your every day face, and it literally takes 5 minutes. You can easily play around with other monochromatic looks like pinks, nudes, browns, reds… the possibilities are endless and simple. So, if you’re not super skilled in the makeup department, you can look runway ready with just a few products. I got lots of compliments on this makeup and it seriously, again, took all of 5 minutes to accomplish. That’s a win in my book.

I think these colors are great as an end of summer/transition into fall look. Clove eye shadow will easily take you right into fall too! So make sure to check out all the colors when you’re shopping!

Fun fact: The EU bans over 2000 chemicals from making their way into your personal products. The FDA bans only 14. Luckily, this brand formulates to the standard of the EU, so you can feel good about using the makeup and skincare.

I can’t wait to see what 5 Minute Monochromatic Makeup Looks you come up with! Make sure you tag me on social media so I can see what colors you chose.