This post is sponsored by iWi but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Many of you know that I’ve overcome a lot of struggles when it comes to my personal wellness. Today, I’m obsessed with researching new ways to keep my body healthy. I’ve switched to an organic, plant-based diet; I also take the same care in choosing the products I put on my body, and I find ways to stay active that are fun. When it comes down to it, health is simple. Eat well, move more. That is the basis of my life. I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, especially to keep my meals as nutrient dense as possible. My body loves to dance and hike and I’ve recently started weightlifting. I’m super excited to see the benefits of that!

But, back to being nutrient dense… You can get all the nutrition you need from plants, but on a daily basis, I found that I needed some help in the supplement area. I did a little research on the types of supplements someone who is vegetarian or vegan should be taking. There are quite a few, but one in particular was a must for me on so many levels! Omega-3 with DHA and EPA supports the immune system response, brain, cognitive function, heart, cardiovascular system, and joint health. It has a hand in keeping almost every part of you healthy! The problem? Most Omega-3 supplements are derived from fish oil, which is not vegetarian/vegan friendly or ocean friendly for that matter. But, that’s where iWi comes in!

iWi is a U.S based company that is changing the Omega-3 game! Their product is algae based and actually has the highest bioavailability in the Omega3 market (higher than fish and Krill) AND it has a higher potency and absorption rate. They have full traceability of the entire product and they’re out to save the world. iWi uses non-arable land, brackish water, and the sun as their main source of energy. The creation of their product is 100% sustainable & scalable and creates jobs in rural areas. All of this ties into iWi being ocean friendly, which is pretty awesome! They’re helping to save our ocean’s ecosystems one vegan supplement at a time.

iWi offers Omega-3 (which includes DHA and EPA, individual DHA, individual EPA, and a Pre-Natal vitamin! You can find iWi supplements on Amazon and there’s even a coupon you can use! Get 15% off with code: 15IWILIFEO SHOP HERE

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