Two Jersey girls talking about everything from relationships to booty bleaching… could it get any more real or hilarious? Hairstylists Christy and Eva remove all filters and get down and dirty in a podcast geared toward men, but don’t worry, women listeners will not only commiserate with the hosts, they’ll get valuable lessons along the way too. No topic is off limits, so buckle up!

The past couple nights, I’ve snuggled up with a glass of wine and laughed hysterically through each episode. I don’t want to give too much away, but my favorite episodes are Cupcakes & B*ttholes, Love is a Battlefield, and Whistle at Your Wife. Here is a list and descriptions of all available episodes:

Episode 1: Going in Dry
Talking Points: personal hygeine, your go-to bikini, advice on feeling your best, online dating, and “bald and beautiful”

Episode 2: Dirty Groupons and Pinky Rings
Talking Points: Risks of purchasing services through Groupon, thermostat etiquette, and the mystery of pinky rings

Episode 3: Whistle at Your Wife
Talking Points: Noticing the little things, paying attention, compliments, as well as, feet, favorite worst jobs, making your bed, bird watching, and candy burglars

Episode 4: Sneek a Peek
Talking Points: jealousy, online dating with professional tinder, first date dos and donts, and dressing classic and simple.

Episode 5: Interview with Dr. Ross Cooperman
Talking Points: Ross is not only a renowned plastic surgeon, but is also a person with a very magnetic personality who you just want to get to know better!

Episode 6: Flight Risk
Talking Points: The person who fears settling down, running from relationships, finding your soulmate(s), baby navigation, would you rather, selfie culture, vice triggers

Episode 7: Strippers and Tippers
Talking Points: strip club behavior, bushin’ it, avoiding the ATM, aircuts, living in your 20’s, what we learn from our fathers, how and when to tip

Episode 8: Cupcakes and B*ttholes
Talking Points: what women really think of porn vs. real life intimacy, party of one, bedroom communication, men’s hair DIY maintenance, saying goodbye

Episode 9: Love is a Battlefield
Talking Points: what it means to be in love, the give and take that makes relationships work, optimism, drinks of choice, flirting at work, breakup texts vs. breakup sex, cohabitation

Episode 10: Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft
Talking Points: Cliff is a podcast and online business mentor who helps people bring the best our of themselves and their lives. Christy and Eva are so excited for the opportunity to pick his brain.

Available on iTunes and the Podcast App on your phone!

Christy and Eva’s podcast will make your commute or evenings more enjoyable! The Landing Strip is hilariously real and refreshing! It’s the topics we should be more comfortable talking about… communication is key and the hosts aren’t shy about giving their opinions and advice. Take a listen and let me know what your favorite episodes and soundbites are! And guess what? I’ll be a guest on their podcast in the next couple weeks!