Featured on PopSugar, CBS News, and Women’s Health, Noom’s objective is to make healthy living easy. They key to sticking with your lifestyle change is finding ways to make in enjoyable. Everyone is different, so tailoring your healthy lifestyle to YOUR life with personalized plans makes your goals attainable. Lifestyle changes are not easy and some of us need more support than others. If you’re looking to start, but think extra motivation and support will help you reach your goals and keep them, then Noom might be for you!

Instead of focusing on loss, Noom puts its focus on building and maintaining lifelong, healthy habits through it’s award winning app. The program was designed by a team of doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, and clinical exercise specialists. 16-Week programs are designed to essentially help you stop dieting. Yes, you read that correctly. Having a diet and dieting are two different things! Their program also puts focus on keeping your motivated and driven, which is really important when making a lifestyle change.

Lose Weight for Good with Noom, try it free!
How does Noom work? When you go to their website, you’ll fill out a quick survey about your current health and goals. You’ll fill out your current weight, goal weight, age, height, and gender. You’ll also let them know if you have or are at risk for any illnesses such as heart or kidney disease, diabetes, and stroke. The survey also asks you about your current challenges. Does your lifestyle trigger unhealthy eating habits? Does your schedule not allow time for movement? Do you have dietary restrictions? Exercise restrictions?  It will also ask you which is the best course of action for you current lifestyle. After you compete the survey, Noom will create a customized 16-week plan for you!

Finally, you’ll commit to using Noom for at least 10 minutes a day. (That isn’t for them, it’s for YOU!) Complete the membership sign up and you’ll receive a text to download the app for Android or iPhone. Your membership grants you access to 24/7 personal or group support through a chat feature (for when you need a cheerleader in your corner), a fully customized plan to help you beat your bad habits, health professionals to help you with psychological strategies, as well as a place to track your weight, food intake, and exercise (including a pedometer for your steps!). Everything is built in to keep you accountable…

Lose Weight for Good with Noom, try it free!
How much does a Noom membership cost?
All new members are awarded a free 14-day trial, however, you’ll need to choose a monthly subscription.

  • Monthly: $59/mo
  • 2-Month Plan: $49.50/mo
  • 4-Month Plan: $32.25/mo

You also have the option of adding on a personalized meal plan ($79) and personalized exercise plan ($49)!

Is Noom worth it? I think that some people will greatly benefit from having online coaching, especially one geared towards the mental aspect of making healthy lifestyle changes. Taking into consideration the resources that come with monthly membership, I think the monthly fees are fair. Everyone’s weightloss journey is different and it may take some trial and error to figure out what works best for you. If you think Noom would be of help, definitely give it a shot! Remember, you get a 14-day free trial, so what do you have to lose?

Lose Weight For Good with Noom