In the current climate of exposing rapists and no longer staying silent about sexual harassment, I couldn’t believe that I woke up to a private message containing an explicit video. Yes, not a picture, a VIDEO! More recently, I’ve had to block about 3-5 men on instagram and facebook almost every day. Even a simple “hey” has become predatory to me. Why are you trying to holla at me, a stranger, on their business page? Could you not take the 2 seconds to realize what my business is about? Could you not dig around and maybe find out that I’m taken? So. many. questions. Because this is happening so frequently lately, receiving that video made me hit the ceiling. My tolerance for this B.S. is over and gone. And I made this quite clear with my rally cry after it happened…

Homeboy was smart enough to use a disappearing video, but the damage was done and I already had screenshots. I posted a quick video on my instagram warning other men that if I were to receive messages like this, I will find your mamma, I will find your wife and I will publicly shame you. If you want to be bold, then you better be brave enough to endure the consequences of your stupidity. I posted my screenshots on facebook and an army of women took to his social media profiles. I sent a message to his wife. It’s not her fault, but she needs to know the kind of man she’s married too. A friend of mine was even able to find their address just in case I wanted to file a police report.

This is what happens when you send your d– to the wrong chick. I encourage other women to stop ignoring and start stringing these men up in the town square — figuratively speaking of course. These actions are completely unacceptable and disgusting. Has sending images and videos like that ever gotten a man a date? a wife? I feel like the answer is no, but maybe I need to do a scientific study just to be sure. I’d also like to know where that sense of false, misguided confidence comes from because clearly y’all think we’d be impressed.

As a woman, and I think I can speak for most women, we want to be able to post pictures and not be inundated with private messages about how we look. What I do is not a cry for male attention. I know I look good. Move along. If you’re looking for a partner, try leaving your mom’s basement and interacting with a woman like a human. Learn how to start a conversation. Ya, know, be less caveman-like in your interactions with us.

I don’t know one woman that finds these types of private messages endearing, so just stop. Keep it in your pants. Stop stalking women on the internet. If you feel the urge to send a private message because of the way someone looks, refrain. Because one of these days, you’re going to send a private message to the wrong girl and you will have to live with the shame for the rest of your life. For the love of all things holy, PLEASE unplug from social media and work on becoming a decent human. Being a gentleman is not overrated and it’s exactly what women want.