I’m not shy when it comes to talking about my struggles with depression and anxiety. But, something that I’ve wondered lately is… what if I’m actually more normal than the person who thinks I’m too emotional? Even the people that don’t necessarily have an illness but are always ‘up in their feelings’…What if it’s a blessing that we feel as deeply as I do, even if those feelings are sometimes sad and angst ridden? Aren’t we lucky to feel this deeply about anything and everything? Aren’t we lucky to have the perspective we do. These deep feelings make us more compassionate and empathic than most people. Personally, I’d rather drive myself nuts than go through life in a disconnected state of existence. I’ll take a bout of depression and anxiety over stagnant apathy any day.

If you allow yourself to be affected by energy, congratulations are in order… you haven’t yet built a wall around your heart and soul. The truth is, you’re strong enough to have emotions and endure them frequently. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, are we not meant to feel? Most people only want to experience joy and do a good job of ignoring pain/sadness, but how can you truly appreciate one without the other? Why is it so bad to acknowledge the ‘not so good’ feelings?

You are not weird for feeling lost. You are not weird for feeling like there is something missing in your life. You are not weird for expecting more from yourself, your friends, family, lovers, jobs… You know what is weird? Telling people to ‘stop crying’. To ‘stop thinking about it’. To ‘stop feeling this way’ or another. It’s weird to tell people to shut down their emotions. We should be telling people to let it out and process it. This is why as F’d up as we are, I’m beginning to think that we’re the normal ones.

I could write about this forever, and might make this a series, to be honest. But, seriously, if anyone is making you feel like you’re f’d up… they might need to look in the mirror. I’ve asked a bunch of questions in this post, some I can answer and some I cannot. But, I’d love to hear your perspective. Emotionally speaking, What do you find normal? What do you think the ‘norm’ should be? As a human, what do you think life is for? Do some do it better than others? See… I have so many questions! I’d also like to know your questions and let’s start a discussion.

This is dedicated to all who were meant to feel weird about their emotional processes and life choices. We may be f’d up, but at least we feel.