I don’t know about you, but most days, my life is pretty fast and furious. I barely have the time or energy to keep my house in order, never mind remember to book a root touchup at my local salon. (My grays are having a party lately…) I work a lot, which I love, but oftentimes, I forget to take care of myself. I’ve noticed, especially during my #LookGoodFeelGood challenge, that putting a little focus on my appearance seriously helps my mental wellness. I carry myself with more confidence. I smile more. And, I genuinely FEEL better. It’s so easy for us to be consumed by life and surrender to our sweatpants and messy bun, but putting in a little effort, even when we feel guilty for taking the time, is a life changer.

I went into a cleaning rampage (one of my least favorite things, but I ride the wave when it hits). Kitchen, laundry, vacuuming, cleaning out my closet… I think subconsciously, I was trying to change the energy in my place. It had become a little stagnant and I was unable to work, plus, one of my goals for the new year was to be more tidy. At some point, I made the decision to put a tinted gloss on my hair while my last load of laundry was in the dryer. I did it in the shower so that I was able to shave and use a body scrub. (Multitasking, right?) When I got out of the shower, I wound up giving myself a facial. At some point, I figured I’d give myself a pedicure, so I did that too. Basically, it became at at-home spa day and it was SO needed.

There was something about the combination of cleaning and pampering that not only lifted my spirits and made me feel beautiful, it also cleared my head and I was able to do a lot of brainstorming about my online businesses. I used to scoff at women who had beauty rituals. It always came off as conceited. Why can’t you ground yourself in the gym? But, I get it now. It’s about way more than outward appearance. Grounding yourself with self-care in the form of beauty rituals is about connecting to yourself. It’s all about the feeling. And, let me tell you, I DIG the feeling.

While I’m still a hippie at heart, love my comfy clothes, and prefer a bare face over glam, I am going to start scheduling beauty/self-care time each week. The love and happiness I feel for myself has been astronomical this month and it’s all because of little changes in my lifestyle. Planning an outfit. Giving myself a facial. Snapping a selfie when I feel good. I want more women to stop and take time for themselves. Work on your confidence. Enjoy how relaxing it is to pamper yourself from head to toe. We all need to be better about making the time and not feeling guilty about it.

Another great side-effect of my impromptu beauty day was a little photoshoot session! (When you know a thing or two about lighting and can set up a tripod and camera timer, you can make magic happen) I meant to do one shade as a test for something I’m working on and I wound up doing all 9 because the vibe was right. Clearly a little hair dye, facial, and a pedi kicked my motivation into overdrive. I’ll take it.

So, my tips for you beauties…
1. Sneak in time for yourself in between other tasks (like I did with laundry)
2. Make a list of the things you want to do for yourself and schedule them and hold yourself to it
3. Remember that’s it’s ok for you to feel good and look good. Let go of the guilt!
4. Document your beautiful vibe in a selfie as a reminder to keep doing things for yourself
5. Make it a date with some girlfriends. What could make pampering better? FRIENDS!

You are the author of your happiness and how you feel about yourself. Self-Care doesn’t just boost your confidence, self-love, and happiness, it grounds you. Immerse yourself in the relaxation and allow it to re-balance you when you’re feeling chaos.