I live in the land of superficial. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the allure. Fancy people, cars, houses… and LOTS of divorce. I’m a hopeless romantic and at some point, I thought I maybe had dreamed up a man that didn’t exist… that was, until I found my unicorn. My current relationship is amazing– the stuff movies are made of. It’s so incredibly different than any other relationship I’ve been in because, for once, I’ve fallen in love with someone’s soul.

Yes, there needs to be some physical attraction to start any relationship, but we all know looks fade. Relationships and love are more than dinner dates and presents, It’s about finding and connecting with your twin flame, your soulmate. It’s about finding that one person that “gets you”, even at your lowest points. We need to fall in love with what makes people tick and not what they look like…

We should start falling in love with souls and not bodies because a deep spiritual connection to your partner will help guide you through life’s ups and downs, together. You can get along with many people, but could you bare your soul to them? Every desire? Your dark thoughts? Your hopes and dreams? When there is a connection at the soul level, there is no judgement; instead, there is understanding and passion beyond your wildest comprehension.

A soul connection allows you/someone to see every single flaw, yet, treat them with loving respect. The almighty “I love everything about you, including your flaws” type of relationship does not come from one that is superficial. When you fall in love with someone’s soul, you are both passionate lovers and best friends. Home becomes a person, not a place.

We should start falling in love with souls again because love and marriage should be a nurtured, ever-growing, blessed union, not something settled for and done because society tells you that it’s a step you must take. Taking your time to find the right fit, exploring the depths of someone, and allowing yourself to be open to them will ensure that you’ve forged the type of love that not only rocks your world, but doesn’t end at the grave.