In an effort to help you start 2018 off feeling radiant, confident, and good about yourself, I teamed up with a few ladies and designed this calendar to help you find your confidence! During the #LookGoodFeelGood challenge, each day, you are given a prompt/theme. What is your interpretation of it? Show us what you got! It’s not about telling you how to present yourself, it’s about finding your uniqueness and flaunting it!

#LookGoodFeelGood Instagram Challenge starts on January 1st! Will you join us?

Why it’s important and why I wanted to do it…

How we feel about ourselves each day can make or break our day. I work in a super casual atmosphere and honestly, I could live in sweat pants. There were a few days where I woke up feeling absolutely dreadful. Those days, I did a little experiment… I forced myself to do my hair and makeup, and style a full outfit. I took pictures before work, too! I noticed that it set the tone for the day and I was able to pull myself out of a funk quicker than normal. I wanted to do this for the entire month of January and make it a ritual… I also wanted to share it with you and the lovely ladies that are co-hosting the challenge with me.


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Share this photo and give us a tag, so we know you’re committed! We’ll be giving out a prize to one of the participants after the challenge is over. <3

Each day, you’ll post your look with the hashtag #LookGoodFeelGood and try to remember to tag us. We don’t want to miss your awesomeness! 1 participant will win @ChloeandIsabel jewelry up to a $40 value!

We are so excited to share the first month of the new year with you and we hope to inspire you to be the best version of yourself, have fun, and find your confidence.


Here are a few of the looks that inspired me to make this a challenge!