Gut health may just be the key to feeling better, and subsequently, looking better. To achieve this, we need to eat better. When you eat better, you feel better. I typically eat clean and even though I’ve had my battles with food over the years, I thought I was being pretty consistent and that I was healthy. I thought because I wasn’t at my heaviest weight any more, that I had healed myself… that was until I started a new nutrition plan that rocked my world.

Here’s what I’ve been focusing on since August…

Step 1 was eliminating my body of toxins and allergens. This means, I’ve eliminated¬†Wheat/gluten, Dairy, Refined sugar, Alcohol, Soy, and Corn from my diet. Have a slipped up a few times? Yes, But, I’m way more aware of how much I was consuming. Within 2 days, I noticed less bloating, better digestion, and more energy.

Step 2 was all about fueling my body with proper nutrition throughout the day. I wasn’t skipping meals and I was trying to not eat past 7pm. If I needed a snack, I would choose healthy options like fruit, veggies, or nuts and would lean towards foods that were high in fiber to keep me full.

Step 3 was paying attention to portions. 1/2 of my plate was veggies, 1/4 was protein, 1/8 dedicated to good fats, and 1/8 dedicated to carbs.

Step 4 included some vegan, non-gmo supplements such as protein powder, fiber, probiotics, herbal tea, and some clean energy drink mixes. Sounds like bologna, but I swear they’re good for you and really helped.

I felt a difference within the first couple days and I continued to feel better as I kept going. The days I would “slip up”, I felt my body get angry! haha That’s how I knew I was doing something that was good for me. My gut was finally happy. This plan and process allowed my digestive system to not work so hard. I was able to rid my body of toxins, too.

A few months into it, I took some pictures to see if there was a physical difference. I was SHOCKED at the results. Here… take a look!

The program suggests walking for at least 30 minutes a day as your physical activity. I was doing this and taking pole dancing classes 4x a week (I still take those! It’s so much fun and challenging) I wasn’t going hard in the gym and this proves that you don’t have to. As long as your diet is good and you’re moving, your body will respond positively.

What program is this? It’s called 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond. It’s not a diet. It allows you to dial in your nutrition and make it a lifestyle, not a fad. I’m so grateful I was introduced to this and the science behind it. After years of beating my body up and not fueling her properly, this gentle guide has helped my body trust me again and the results have been lasting and continuous.

I’m always looking for accountability partners!¬†Would you like to join me? CLICK HERE then hit “join” in the menu bar. You must be signed up as a preferred customer to receive the supplement kit. Once you’re signed up and ordered, let me know! I’ll be with you every step of the way. Give yourself the gift of health in 2018. I promise this will change your life.

I have lots of fun recipes to share with you and tips on prepping and staying on track!