I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to another amazing, female entrepreneur that the internet has blessed me with e-meeting! Christy is all about eco beauty, holistic living, mentoring women, and creating and designing beautiful jewelry.

Her authenticity shines through her words and her creations. Why did I fall in love with her? She wants to help women create the most intimate relationship of all… the one they have with themselves. Christy has a true, giving spirit and wisdom beyond most earthly-beings.

I’ve talked about keeping positive words and talismans around you at all times as a reminder to keep pushing forward. When I saw Christy post one of her beautiful bracelets on Facebook, I knew I had to feature her! Birds of a feather, right?!

Since it’s the season of giving and Christmas shopping, check out her beautiful jewelry line of bracelets, necklaces, and stacks. They may bring you or your loved ones the inspiration you need to lead a better life.

“As a designer for nearly 20 years and a leader in the self-care women’s movement for 7 years, it was important for me to create a line of jewelry with soul. Each of my pieces are designed with a synergy of healing stones, giving women a chance to connect with the healing vibrations while she accesses her higher self. I am deeply passionate about mentoring women into deeper conversations within themselves for authentic and vibrant healing through my courses, jewelry and beauty! I am a single mother of two boys and love being an entrepreneur.” – Christy

Website: www.christyfunk.com                 Facebook: Christy Funk                    Instagram: @christyfunk

There are some great sales on her pieces going on right now, so don’t miss out!

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