I am one of those people that truly believes that there is enough room on top for all of us. I give free advice on going after your dreams. I shop from friends. I promote other bloggers and girl bosses. I really want to support others that are trying to build businesses and brands through their unique voice. My inner cheerleader really does get excited when I see a woman start on a #girlboss journey and when her spark is ignited, I find joy in her successes. So, when I first started blogging, I stumbled across blog support groups on Facebook and joined several of them. I thought, “wow… a bunch of women supporting each other. This is awesome.”, but, these groups turned out to be anything but supportive.

In theory, the best groups were the “reciprocate all” threads. No matter how many links showed up, you had to react, retweet, or comment. This way, no one is left out. But, what I started to notice when I really dove into tracking my analytics was, while my number of sessions were higher, my bounce rate and session duration was absolute garbage. Meaning, these people were going to my blog, reading the first sentence, leaving a comment, then leaving. Most days, some comments were so off base, I knew no one was really READING what I had to say. So, you’re trashing my analytics and not taking the time to actually read. Great. :eye roll:

Some bloggers only blog for paid advertisements. While I pick up a paid opportunity every so often, the blogs that did nothing but promote products and services drove me crazy. Why? Because I can go on a company website and read reviews. Who are YOU? Give me a genuine account of how this vacuum changed your life… ya, feel me? By the time I get through all your paid promos, I really don’t care about the one real blog you have. My friend Christa put it great… “People that are uncomfortable marketing themselves choose to market others because it’s easier to hide behind an established brand than it is to create your own.” Another issue I had with the sponsored posts… y’all are promoting the same things at the same time! Having to comment on the same diaper post 5 times really takes the excitement out of reading other people’s blogs. There’s nothing about your content that makes you stand out from the crowd.

I don’t want you to think that I’m shitting all over other bloggers, because that couldn’t be further from the truth. I just know fake support when I see it. And as someone that wears their heart on their sleeve and really does support other people, it wasn’t worth it to me to continue to do that for women that could really care less. Want do know what I’ve noticed since I stopped using the groups? While my daily sessions may be down, my bounce rate is lower and my session duration has went up 400%. Seriously. People are clicking through to other posts and actually reading. Wahoo! Isn’t that the point of blogging?

My advice to anyone starting a blog or maybe has been blogging for a while is… trust that your tribe will find you. Your specific audience is out there, so just keep doing what you’re doing. Promote your blogs on every social platform you can find and just wait. Your readers will start showing up. There is no sense in trying to shove a unicorn into a horse-shaped hole. Shine on!