Is there really such a thing as a natural makeup look? Yes. Absolutely! Find products with natural looking tones and colors, apply a little bit and bam! It’s the perfect way of looking put together and slyly glam. Is she wearing makeup? Maybe. Maybe not. The secret is yours. haha

This is the look I go for every day. Adding natural basics into your arsenal is how to take a tired face to vibrant with minimal effort. Since I’m an Arbonne girl, I wanted to share Arbonne’s Must Have Basics to create a flawless, natural look.

First, let’s start with your face. CC cream and Translucent Setting Powder.

A little tinted moisturizer goes a long way and if you don’t want a dewy look, pair it with some setting powder. The duo have spf, so you don’t have to remember to put on sunscreen.

1. CC Cream – $42.00, Preferred Customer: $33.60
2. Setting Pretty Translucent Loose Powder – $40.00, Preferred Customer: $32.00

Next, let’s make those eyes look open.

Arbonne’s “It’s a long Story” mascara creates natural-looking long, full looking lashes. Even if you wore no other makeup but mascara, it’s amazing what a little flip of the wand can do!

3. It’s a Long Story Mascara – $39.00, Preferred Customer: $31.20

Lastly, let’s talk about your kisser. Pucker up!

Add a little oomf to your pucker with lipstick or lipgloss. This lipstick, in the shade of Willow is slightly darker than nude and Lipgloss in Mallow is the perfect shade of shiny, champagne nude. Want a wow factor? Mix them!

4. Smoothed over Lipstick in Willow – $29.00, Preferred Customer: $23.20
5. Glossed over Lip Gloss in Mallow – $25.00, Preferred Customer: $20.00


These are your 5 MUST HAVE makeup basics from Arbonne. High Quality, Non-GMO, and Cruelty Free! It’s totally worth signing up as a preferred customer. As a preferred customer, this entire look is $140. That’s a stellar deal and the products will last you a long time because a little goes a long way.

To sign up as a preferred customer, CLICK HERE, then hit REGISTER in the menu. Happy Holiday Shopping! xoxo