I really love supporting small business, especially those run by women. It’s even more important to me when those women are my friends. Whether they craft something by hand or sell products like Arbonne, if it fits my lifestyle, I’ll make a purchase. If it doesn’t suit MY lifestyle, I’ll make a purchase and gift it. This got me thinking, what if this holiday season, I did all my shopping through small, personal businesses? Instead of spending my money at corporate chain stores, what If I spent my money on products and services that actually benefit those selling them. Maybe those lipstick sales are sending someone’s daughter to ballet class or afford someone the luxury of paying off a student loan. Why do we find it so hard to support the little guy? Or little boss ladies…

Some people start a business for all the wrong reasons, whether it’s handmade or direct sales. They start because they want to get rich quick. I think those people stick out like sore thumbs because their product slinging gets old, fast. But, there are some who take something they love, make it their own, and create a purposeful business. They are the product of a product, the heart and soul of their business. These are the people who deserve your holiday purchases… and even purchases throughout the year. I mean, if you’re friend opened a restaurant, wouldn’t you go eat there? Tis’ the season to give and maybe shift your mind into being more supportive.

Don’t know anyone who has their own small business? Have no fear, I’ve compiled a list of some amazing women in my circle that have them! They’re all different, but at their cores, they want to bring feelings of good cheer to you through their products. Whether it’s fashion, home decor, beauty, or fitness, there is something for everyone on this list. And because I don’t want to just list out their businesses, I’m going to tell you a little bit about each business owner. Life is about connections.

“I am a mom, and that is my most important job! When I was pregnant I struggled to find a sugar scrubs and bath bombs that was affordable, moisturizing, as well as non-toxic with natural ingredients. It only takes 26 seconds for whatever is on your skin to get into your bloodstream. That thought is intense! I wanted something good for me, that I wouldn’t have to worry about, that I could just ENJOY! I couldn’t seem to find a product that was safe, easy to use, AND affordable… so I created one! Sugar Buff Scrub products are good for all types of skin, and any person or personality. I am very proud of my business & all the bath products that are in development like bath bombs, and soaps. I have always wanted to own a business and spend my life doing something that I am passionate about. I love creating, and providing a product that is effective, safe, and especially affordable. I am floored daily by the support and love that comes from simply spending my time doing what I love.”

“”I want to inspire women of all ages to look and feel their best. With Younique products you can experiment with an array of looks from classic to bold. I knew Younique was the brand for me because it is more than just selling mascara it is about changing lives. The Younique Foundation is committed to helping men and women who were sexually abused as children or adolescents on their journey of healing. I chose to start my own business to spread my love for the products and what they stand for. ”

“My mission statement for Rescued by Design is simple: Take what once was loved and repurpose it so that others can love it again and help those who need it, whether they have two legs or four. Part of the profits from our bags go to Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt 501c no kill shelter, Lee Conlee House in Florida which is a women’s domestic abuse shelter, National Down Syndrome Foundation, and others!”

“I’m a Maryland mom of one and I’ve always been a jewelry fanatic. Every new outfit has to have the right accessory and sometimes changing the accessory completely changes the outfit. I often buy jewelry as a souvenir to remind me of my trip. It was naturally disappointing when a favorite piece would break. Sometimes not long after getting it. To make matters worse, I developed a nickel allergy and couldn’t wear certain pieces for more than a day.

Then last summer, while browsing Pinterest, Chloe + Isabel found me. I browsed their website and fell in love. First with the stunning designs and then with the convertibility. I never really fancied myself a statement necklace person until my starter kit arrived and my very first, the Northern Lights Statement, made me feel like a queen, even in a t-shirt. Since I tend to be hard on my jewelry (especially the rings) the perk of having a Lifetime Guarantee was a big selling point. Stone falls out, finish fades, clasp breaks–I get a replacement or credit to shop with. Plus, the jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel free so I can wear it as much as I want without breaking out in an itchy red rash.

What I love most of all though is how beautiful each new collection is and how C+I celebrates our customers unique individual style. Our designs have been inspired by nature and places all over the world. Since becoming a merchandiser we’ve been to Paris, Budapest, Istanbul, Jaipur and traveled on the Orient Express. Our Holiday Collection, Flights of Fancy, is inspired by an enchanted fairytale kingdom. Of course as a merchandiser I’m hoping that my love and passion for my C+I business will afford me the opportunity to visit many of those places and more.”

“LuLaRoe is simply comfortable. It has the comfort of lounge wear, but the look of a professional. It’s so versatile you can dress it up or down using the same outfit to prepare for any occasion. Not only does it create different looks, it gives you the confidence of a beauty queen. We are a mother and daughter team helping others feel beautiful in their own skin. We are not your typical retailers trying to sell clothing, because we have made so many friends since we have started over a year ago. We have made others happy and a smile on another face is what keeps us going in our small business. We are here just to chat and to find you the perfect LuLaRoe clothing that you love. We love to say “Big or Small, short or tall,  you will love it all!”

““Christian. Wife. Mom. Business Owner.Helping women feel beautiful one face at a time with SeneGence budge proof, smudge proof, waterproof beauty products.”

Mile High Art and Photography strives to design beautiful, creative, high quality artwork to celebrate what you love. Whether through my designs, custom requests, or your own photography, we make it easy to love the view inside your own home.”

“My life has changed so much since I started with Thirty-One Gifts. More importantly to me, I have met some amazing women along this journey.  I enjoy partnering with my hostess to help them achieve the things on their wish list.  The experience of hosting a party is fun and easy. I have been empowered, rewarded and blessed by the company and my customers. At Thirty-One, our commitment is to provide women with a fulfilling, enjoyable, and rewarding experience one person at a time.”

“I want to inspire and educate women to live happy, healthy, lives through the alignment of mind, body and soul. I always put a lot of stress on how we nourish our bodies; completely overlooking the fact that what we put on our bodies goes directly into our bloodstream. When I found out that it takes less than 30 seconds for your body products to be absorbed into your skin and into your blood, that really made me think. I wound up throwing out hundreds of dollars worth of beauty products and replacing everything with Arbonne products. I loved them so much, that I signed up as a consultant and added Arbonne as a affiliate to my blog. All products are vegan, non-gmo and botanically based. The RE9 skincare line is clinically proven to slow down and reverse the signs of aging. And what really got me hooked was their 30 Days to Healthy Living plan, which has helped me heal years of metabolic damage caused by under-eating and over-training. The makeup line is high-end, but still boasts a lower price tag than the most popular high-end brands. So, whether you’re after skincare, makeup, or nutritional products, you can trust that what you’re putting on and in your body is made of the highest quality ingredients. Pure. Safe. Beneficial.”

Well, there you have it! Please check out these awesome ladies and their awesome products. Remember to shop small and shop personal this holiday season. And, if you own your small business, make it a point to support others doing their thing as well. Happy Holidays. xoxoxo Nikki