There have been things said to me over the years that have cut me like a knife and I carry those scars with me. I can still remember what was said, how it made me feel, and what it feels like to recall them. I know that in my lifetime, I’ve said some pretty hurtful and hateful things to people and about people. Now, I really try to think about the words I choose and weave together, because from personal experience, I know our words have weight. Words can hurt. I don’t want anyone to hurt me, but I definitely don’t want to hurt someone else. It’s nice to be nice and kindness is king.

Your words carry a vibration. If you’re using words with a negative connotation, you’ll put out a negative vibration. Negative attracts negative, so if you’re speaking negatively towards someone or something, you’re lowering your own vibration. There’s being honest and there’s being an asshole. Don’t be the latter. The words you use to express yourself, form opinions, critique, and debate with should be chosen carefully.  Sometimes we misspeak and depending on who you’re speaking with, they may give you a chance to recant, but typically once words are spoken, it’s hard to take it back. It’s equally as difficult for people to forget.

I don’t know when being nice went out of style, but we need to bring it back. We need to stop calling people snowflakes. We need to stop using our words to spew hatred. Maybe people have forgotten the age old adage about if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But it’s more than that, speaking ill of others does not make you better, faster, or stronger… I tell people all the time that talking shit about the successes of others does not open the doors of success for you.

I feel like there is so much to cover on this topic and maybe it was a bit of mountain to tackle today. I’ll definitely come back to this down the road because I think it’s an important topic. Just remember, your words have the ability to either build someone up or tear someone down. Choose them wisely.