I know what you’re thinking.. how could makeup be good for you skin? Well, the makeup I use is vegan, non-gmo and botanical based. It’s made without the harsh chemicals used in most makeup products. The face makeup, ie. foundation and powder, contains SPF. So, if you do your make up ever day, you’ll never forget to put sunblock on. If you don’t wear makeup every day, I suggest a day cream that contains SPF.

I hopped on facebook live this weekend to do my makeup. It was my first time doing a makeup video. I’m not a makeup artist, nor do I fancy myself a beauty vlogger, but I wanted to take it as an opportunity to jump outside my comfort zone and share my easy, everyday make routine with my friends and followers. You can watch the entire 23 minute video HERE.

I like to keep my makeup subtle, and sun-kissed when I do it. A nighttime look for me usually consists of swapping out a nude lip for a bold lip. For this look, I used the following:

Foundation: FAIR
Powder: Setting Pretty Translucent Powder
Blush: Blossom
Eye Shadows: opal & dawn
Mascara: It’s a Long Story
Lip Pencil: Peach
Lipstick: Magnolia

If you don’t want to hear me yap for 23 minutes, you can watch this cutdown, sped up version! Paired with some fun 80’s style music of course! If you love the look, you can shop it HERE.