The Universe is not working against you. It wants to bless you, but in order to bless you, you have to grow from the lessons it throws your way. If you continue to make the same mistakes over and over, they are no longer mistakes, they are choices. When you refuse to learn, the Universe will keep you in this cycle until you do… or until you die if you’re really that stubborn. Negative breeds negative and positive attracts positive. That statement will ring true throughout the ages. Are you now willing to shift your mindset?

Some people are not ready or open to this level of consciousness– the “why me” “what did I ever do” crew that refuses to look into the deep dark places in their soul for the clarity needed to shift and grow. I was there, as well as all of my personal development peers. How do you think we’ve become so spiritually conscience? It’s because after repeatedly being knocked down, we took a step back and listened. From that listening, we have been awakened to ourselves and the world around us. We’ve been stripped down, but have chosen to build ourselves back up, instead of choosing to stay broken. Every thought, every action is a choice. When the Universe shakes you, you get to decide how you want to respond to it.

When you reach this level of consciousness, the Universe expects you to share your knowledge as a means of raising the vibration of the people around you. This is why I openly talk about my struggles with body image, drinking too much, and bad relationships. I’ve learned valuable lessons from being stripped down raw, numerous times. I was able to break harmful cycles and now it is my duty to help others. I actually do talk to many people one on one, but my chosen way of spreading my message is through writing. It’s lessons for you to come back to whenever you need to re-read it, but it’s also cathartic for me.

You never stop learning. You will always come to new challenges and roadblocks in life. But if you take all those previous moments that have shaken you to your core and apply those lessons to new obstacles, you will continue to build yourself up and reach new heights of awareness. My hope is that everyone in their lifetimes comes to know what it feels like to be truly awakened. There is more to life than what we see. You are energy; your thoughts and words are energy. Continue to grow and make sure your energies raise the vibration. And, remember, if the Universe strips you down, it’s not because it wants to break  you, it’s because it wants you to build yourself up stronger, smarter, and more spiritually conscious.

“Normality is a paved road; It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow.” – Vincent van Gogh