When was the last time a change in your life was a totally comfortable transition? Life is full of growing pains and I’m pretty sick of people ignoring them. So, it’s time to get uncomfortable because true transformation happens through discomfort. As a writer, speaking your truth, especially on a public platform, can be one of the most uncomfortable things you do. We all have opinions — I seem to have many unpopular ones these days. But, having an authentic voice is what will make us prosper, not just monetarily, but soulfully. Holding onto your truths will not only mentally wreck you, it will start to close doors and lower your vibration. Then guess what happens? The negative effects start to manifest in the body.


“What makes you different or weird, that’s your strength” – Meryl Streep

I can be honest with my audience about my trials and tribulations all day, but when it comes to weighing in on current events and hot button topics, I typically censor myself. But some introspection showed me that I shouldn’t… here’s why.

Real Truth is Uncomfortable: My “Ah-ha” Moments

1. Hurricane Harvey
This is not something I wrote about on my blog because it doesn’t really pertain to my mission. What did I say that was so unpopular? “I feel bad for all the victims, but they should have been more prepared” I was called everything from tone-deaf to insensitive. Why? Because I felt two things about 1 topic simultaneously. My hope was that my truth on this topic would maybe have people think a little harder next time, prepare more, and not take chances. While some understood my message, many did not. And that’s ok.

2. Riverdale actor gets in Car Accident 
For those of you that don’t know, I work in the film industry full time. When I heard of this, I again experienced two feelings at once. “That’s awful, but this comes down to personal responsibility”.  Again, people came out with pitchforks and accused me of being “what’s wrong with the industry”. Simply, no one will look out for you the way you look out for you… and I stick by that truth. I want people to stop pointing the finger at others and start pointing it at themselves.

3. Harvey Weinstein Scandal
This was actually particularly hard for me. TWC is a company I had dreamed of work at, so when this news dropped, my mind raced. Should I speak on this? Will it throw my readers off? This is the industry I work in and as a #girlboss, I had to let go of fear and speak on something that, although unbelievably uncomfortable, is unbelievably important right now. Although many of my readers have no ties to Hollywood, the narrative of what happened is not isolated to my industry. I speak to women, so I made it my duty to shine a light on this. I haven’t had any negative blow-back from my piece… yet.

Pushing Peoples Buttons in the Most Positive Ways
I want people to be uncomfortable because it forces them to think. Go ahead and be mad, but THINK about why you’re mad. THINK about why a topic makes you uncomfortable. I’ve talked about my eating disorder, depression & anxiety, bad relationships and more… Life isn’t Pinterest perfect. If you want to pretend it is, I’m not the blogger for you. If you’re a lifestyle brand that puts on this facade, you’re doing yourself and your readers a disservice. Life is messy, so the least you can do is be honest about how you get through that mess. Show the good and the bad. Acknowledge truth, become truth. This will transform your life and the lives of others.

Don’t be Afraid to Be Yourself
Everyone has such unique outlook on life, so why not share yours? I’m all about people letting their freak flag fly. Some of us are so delightfully weird! When you’re comfortable being yourself, it shows others that they can be comfortable too! Remember, you’re not crazy and you’re not alone. Your tribe will find you. I promise. I was talking about this post to a friend and she said something so magical! “When you’re afraid to show the real you, you promote others.” Which leads me to this…

Speaking Your Truth and Owning Your Authenticity means You’ll Stand Out in a Crowd
I read blogs all day. There are a few I follow religiously because I LOVE the authors. For every amazingly truthful blog, there are 10 or more that do nothing but promote the products, services, and businesses of others. You want to know the worst part? Half the time they’re all promoting the same thing at the same time.  Every so often they’ll throw in a personal blog that’s meant to help people “connect” with them, but when 99% of your content is pushing product, it’s hard to care about the author in that way. You need to give more of yourself for people to trust you. You need to give more of yourself to stand out in a crowd.

(This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t take a paid opportunity; I do when it genuinely fits my lifestyle. But make sure it’s just that– GENUINE.)

When Steps Forward Become Leaps Forward
As I let go of the fear of being disliked over my truth, my tribe grew. My readers are more engaged because I’m more engaged. And while the numbers have validated all my hard work, the sharing of truths has transformed my soul. My thoughts are more clear, my heart is less conflicted, and I sleep better at night when I don’t hold in all my thoughts and opinions. As long as your thoughts and opinions are not malicious and do not infringe upon the rights of others, you should always share them. Always. It is your opportunity to create shifts, no matter how uncomfortable that shift may be. If it’s a shift for the better, speak that truth loudly.

Stepping outside your comfort zone is what prompts growth and knowledge. This post isn’t just for women with businesses, it’s for anyone who wants to change their life and find their voice. You need to find your way through discomfort, not take the path around it. Fortune favors the bold, but fortune isn’t always money. Fortune can be the positive impact you are making on another life. Prosperity from speaking your truth can be the impacts it has on your own thoughts and actions. Silencing your unique voice for comfort does not lead to success in personal life or business. So, let’s #GetUncomfortable.


xoxo Nikki