I try to keep up with a lot of things. Workouts, healthy eating, current events… etc. Admittedly, astrology, one of my favorite topics, keeps slipping my mind. I was so excited to get a reminder from my friend Shante about the magic that is around us all the time… Today, Oct. 10th, 2017 — Jupiter shifts into Scorpio. Scorpios, get ready for powerful shifts and accomplishing your wildest dreams. Jupiter will remain in Scorpio until Nov. 8th, 2018, which will be just 10 days shy of my 32nd birthday. I’ll take that as a sign from the universe to get focused.

Here’s some backstory on Jupiter…

Jupiter is the planet of thinking, abstract mind, and higher learning. You can say that it’s the dreamers planet– those who not only set large goals, but calculate how to achieve them. Jupiter is constantly seeking insight through learning, both intellectually and spiritually. It is the planet that assists us in forming our personal ideologies.

Who are Scorpios?

Scorpios are born between Oct 23 – Nov 21. They are ruled by mars (war) and pluto (underworld). This means Scorpios are lead by energy, action, and desire, while having a deep connection to transformation and the unseen, ie. what’s below the surface. They are a fixed sign. Although many think that the Scorpio’s element is fire, it is actually water. Water signs are intuitive and feel more deeply than others, which heightens their nurturing.

Personality Characteristics of a Scorpio are: Fierce, mysterious, sexual, calm and cool, nurturing, empathetic, jealous, secretive, magnetic

We’ll be the best friend you ever had, but watch your back if you betray us.

Why is Jupiter in Scorpio so important?

If you’ve been looking for growth, optimism, or abundance, this is the time to go after it. You may have felt the urge to go after your desires over the past couple days and that is no coincidence. This is the universe pushing you towards your goals. Take this time to shift the way you think and do things and the Universe will open doors for you.

It’s time to cut out what doesn’t serve us and focus. Since water signs encompass strong emotions, we’ll be pushed to understand them, follow them, and express them– intuitively doing what feels right. During this period, secretive Scorpio will be pushed outside of our comfort zones into being social and developing intimate relationships with others.

A Scorpio has a natural ability to attract success, so while the vibration is high, strike while the iron is hot. Right now, it’s all about perspective. Jupiter forces us to be less analytical and look at the big picture. To truly go after our dreams, we need to be mindful of our happiness, and how to continue to move fluidly through our journey. Meaning, do not get stuck on a path that strips your joy or brings too much resistance. If it doesn’t feel right, shift. Your commitment to your end goal and how you’re getting there will come to the forefront. So, put your blinders on and concentrate on the bottom line.

Inward looking Scorpio will be pushed by outward looking Jupiter to expand the way we think. It’s a powerful and perfect time to purge what has been holding us back and to help others do the same. The energy from Jupiter will also bring forth healing that will push Scorpio into a mental and spiritual transformation.

Topics that will spark interest over the next 13 months will be Money, Sex, and Power.

What to do and how to prepare for Jupiter in Scorpio…

First start by clearing energetic space for all the things you want to invite into your life. Write down regrets, painful memories, feelings that no longer serve you and burn them. Sage your space. Burn a black candle.

Secondly, you’ll want to write down your goals. Think about how you’ve been going after them and see where you can shift and make different choices. Could you be more consistent? Do you need to learn more? As you visualize your goals, put yourself in the mindset of abundance. A “fake it til you make it” mindset is great for elevating your vibration. It’s the law of attraction.

Lastly, make sure you visualize and work on your goals list every day. Create a vision board of images if you need to. Whenever you feel like you’ve hit a wall, take a moment to re-strategize and then move forward. You’ll want to keep energy flowing toward the big picture.

Take this 13 month journey of Jupiter through Scorpio to focus on career and romantic relationships.