There’s something nice about looking at a perfectly curated thread of photos, but it does make me a little suspect when the perfectly polished Instagram is for a personal lifestyle brand. Let me explain…

For all intents and purposes, Nikki Nurtures is a brand. I am Nikki Nurtures and Nikki Nurtures is me. Through personal blogs, my brand is a peak inside my life– an extension of me. My life is messy, full of ups and downs; it is badly lit selfies with my dog, mirror selfies, gym selfies… sometimes perfectly lit portraits, food photography, and nature shots, but for the most part, my Instagram serves as REALNESS. It is authentic because life is just that–messy.

I don’t know about you, but my life didn’t come with a pink filter or perfect whites. I’m not saying that your personal brand can’t be or shouldn’t be gorgeous, but if you’re branding yourself, it’s better to be authentic. It’s disheartening for some of us to see a lifestyle blogger portraying a life that we know they don’t live on the regular. I follow many bloggers and my favorites are the ones that learn something themselves and try to teach others. From there, most of us stop being lifestyle bloggers and become personal development bloggers– the keyword being ‘personal’. And no matter which category your blog falls into, it should remain personal.

So, back to your perfectly polished Instagram. Do you need one? I’d say the answer is no if you’re a personal brand. Let your content speak for itself and stop faking it. (Learn little tricks for taking better photos, even from your iPhone.) Designers, artists, clothing brands? Yes. If you’re selling something, your Instagram should look like a magazine.

What kind of #girlboss are you? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this because it’s something I’ve gone back and forth on for about 2 years now. But, I’m finally comfortable just marketing myself — even if it means less followers. Why? Because if you don’t want to READ my content, then I’m not the blogger to follow. You can find pretty pictures somewhere else. :drops mic: