I’ll be the first person to tell you, I don’t respond well to getting Facebook messages from independent consultants. I find it tacky. And don’t get me started on getting 1000 invites to online parties. I see that you use the products and if I have a question or interest, I will let you know. I also wish people would pay attention to the lifestyles of the people they’re accosting. Ie. I run a healthy lifestyle blog that promotes diet, exercise and self-love… I’m probably not going to buy or want to sell a wrap to make my stomach smaller.

Yes, we all want financial freedom and many of us work full time jobs AND have a Girl Boss Side Hustle that we’re monetizing, but dollar signs should not precede integrity. If an MLM talks about how much money they make before talking about their actual products, I’d probably steer clear. You should whole-heartedly adore the products and any income you make off of them should be secondary awesomeness.

If you love and use a product, why not promote and sell it on your blog? My first tip is: Become a product of the product so that your promotion is sincere. I recently added Arbonne as a means to monetize my blog. I’ve used the products before. I love the skincare line. I also love that the products are ethical and vegan. It perfectly fits with my personal lifestyle and the message of my blog. If i’m going to influence someone to buy something, it’s going to be because I really do use it and it has my stamp of approval.

As a blogger, you have a unique platform to be completely transparent. Hopefully, you have multiple social media channels that mirror your blog and you post content regularly. My second tip: Let people know you offer these new products, but don’t beat them over the head with it. A post every so often will give you lots of visibility, and like I said, the people who are interested will come to you. So, if you don’t like the standard practice of having to reach out to strangers, don’t worry. Your content will do the work for you.

If you’re a service based blogger, this may be the perfect addition. What do I mean? Well, If you’re a makeup artist, esthetician, manicurist, or anything beauty industry related– try using and selling for a brand. I would be lying if I told you I used all Arbonne products, so I don’t expect a makeup artist to only use one brand, but hey…. maybe you love Younique lipsticks and you use them on clients. If your client asks you what brand and where to get it… you’ve just made a sale on a product you already believe in. See how that works?! That’s making an MLM work for you, not the other way around. This leads me to my third tip: Don’t be a one trick pony. Make sure you bring more value to people’s lives than just slinging product at them.

My last tip is for growing your network…. Surround yourself with those who are doing what you’re doing. Stephanie Nielsen of Tangerine Desert is who first approached me about adding Arbonne to my blog. I was comfortable with this and felt her sincerity for doing so because we’re both lifestyle bloggers with similar missions. So, if you’re going to reach out to someone to join your team, look into how they represent themselves and their blog. It’s better to have a small team with integrity, than a big team of people who don’t mesh well together.

Arbonne offers skincare, bath and body, hair, sun, makeup, and nutritional products that are naturally based, ethical, and vegan. For those who do not wish to join the business, they offer a Preferred Client membership. Preferred Clients receive 20% off. It is a $20 registration fee/$20 yearly renewal fee.

If you’re interested in adding Arbonne to your blog, click here.

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