He’s manly, takes the reigns, but can be vulnerable. He can have the tough conversations and allows himself to feel, openly because he knows our love is a safe harbor for his fears, anxieties, and depressions.

He challenges us, in a positive way, to be better and go after our dreams and offers to help us get there. He walks the winding journey with us.

He is our lighthouse in the storm and the rainbow afterwards.

He chooses to keep the passion and excitement felt at the beginning, but also let’s us know that his love is comfortable and safe. In a world of billions of people, he only has eyes for us. His choice is to keep that same passion in his eyes– that fire-like wonder he looked at us with in the beginning.

He says when he misses us, tells us that he loves us as often as he can, because he knows tomorrow is not promised.

He continues to see our beauty, even when we are at our worst.

He affirms us, mind, body and soul. He ignites a fire in us spiritually– a fire that allows us to be more connected with him than we have ever been with someone else. A fire that allows us to be more connected to our own heart, soul, and the world around us.

He acknowledges that there is a delicate balance between being lovers and being best friends; he knows that we can be and should be both.

He knows the thought of us being with anyone other than him would shake him to his core because his love for us is something he’s never experienced and doesn’t want to let go.

He communicates his profound love… and if he can’t give himself wholeheartedly, he will not selfishly hold onto us; he will let us go to find someone that can give us what we need.

Because women want to give a man all these things, we expect a man’s love to mirror ours.