I’m spoiled. I live in Los Angeles. We have amazing weather, Palm Trees, beaches and many places to keep us entertained, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like packing a bag and hitting the road as much as I can! Personally, I enjoy tropical trips. I want to be in a bikini with a sweet drink in my hand. But, even if I’m staying relatively local, I like having the best travel accessories for making my wanderlust life easy breezy! Here’s the list…


Sometimes you need a suitcase; or maybe just a rolling dufflebag or overnight bag will do. Either way, make sure you have options because each trip is different. *Travel tip* If it doesn’t fit in a carry-on, you don’t need it. I find that people over-pack. Learn to pack a small suitcase that will fit in an overhead compartment if you’re traveling… and invest in a multi-purpose carry on that can hold your normal purse contents, laptop, and any other smaller things you need.

Soft suitcase: Lily Bloom Luggage 24″ Expandable Design Pattern Suitcase With Spinner Wheels

Hard Suitcase: Nicole Miller Rainbow 24″ Hard-Sided Luggage Spinner

Rolling Duffle: Lily Bloom Luggage Designer Pattern Suitcase Wheeled Duffel

Large Overnight Bag: Betsey Johnson Signature Quilt Large Weekender Carry-On Bag

Carry-on Bag: SCOUT Uptown Girl Tote

Luggage Accessories

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve grabbed the wrong suitcase off of the carousel. Now, I buy obnoxiously loud patterned luggage. One of my discoveries last week was luggage covers. Not only do they make your suitcase easy to spot, they protect them from wear and tear. Also great to have are luggage tags with your name and at least your phone number on them.

Luggage Tags: Tropical Flamingo Pink Luggage Tags by Lady Jayne

Luggage Covers: Explore Land Luckiplus Spandex Travel Luggage Cover

Travel Purses and Wallets

Although it’s nice to have giant purse that doubles as a carry-on, you don’t necessarily want to carry that all over the place DURING the vacation. Pick a smaller, fashionable purse to bring with you. Since I normally find some hiking or outdoor activity to do, I do like bringing a backpack or fanny pack with me! Yes, fanny packs are a thing again. I wear mine in the front though… so I guess you’d call it a “hooha” pack! (ooh, dirty jokes). Why wear it in front? It’s hard for people to steal from you right to your face. When traveling internationally, I like having a giant wallet/passport holder that keeps everything safe, in one spot.

Small Purse:  Bagerly Women Fashion PU Leather Shoulder Bags

Backpack: Travelon Anti-theft Signature Slim Multipurpose Backpack

Sport Fanny Pack: Multipurpose Sports Travel Hip Bag with Water Bottle Holder and Cell Phone Pocket

Passport Holder: Zoppen Multi-purpoMultise Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

Beach Bags, Wet Bikini Bags, Water Bottles and Towels!

What do I put in my beach bag? Sunblock, a towel, a water bottle, a book, my iPod… It’s great to have a small beach bag just for you beach things. I hate bringing my good purse to the beach. Why a water bottle? If you want to spend $7 on a bottle of VOSS at a resort, that’s your prerogative… I’ll fill my own bottle up for free. One other great thing I’ve discovered are wet bikini bags. Hasn’t fully dried? Throw it in a bikini bag and you don’t have to worry about the rest of your clothes getting damp.

Beach Bag: Medium Sized Mesh Cotton Striped Tote Bag & Bonus Phone Dry bag

Water Bottle: Double Walled Stainless Steel Cola Shape Travel Sports Water Bottle 

Bikini Bag: The Royal Standard Carlisle Bikini Bag

Beach Towel: Cotton Craft – Oversized Jacquard Double Woven Velour Beach Towel 39×68

Toiletry Bottles and Bags

For the most part, I don’t mind using the toiletries that hotels provide, but I do like bringing my own hair products and face products as well. (Reusable containers also cut down on waste!) I also know that no matter how tight you seal something, It will find a way to explode all over your clothes… so I make sure I put all my bottles inside something.

Toiletry Bottles: TSA Design Travel Bottles Leak Proof in Quality Carry On Toiletry Bag Kit

Toiletry Bags: L&FY Travel Toiletry Bag Cosmetic Makeup Pouch 

Jewelry Bags

I’m not super stylish. I typically wear the same jewelry throughout my entire vacation, but for some of you fashionistas, packing jewelry is a thing. They make some pretty awesome bags to carry all of your favorite bobbles. They also lessen the chance of you losing your favorite diamond earings.

Jewelry Bag: Travel Smart by Conair Jewelry Roll Bag

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