I used to love running and doing bootcamp style workouts, but my joints can’t handle it any more. #ThisIs30. But, mentally, I have a hard time putting myself through them too. I want to be nicer to my body and trust the process of doing more low impact workouts…. because they work just as well! People with Yoga bodies aren’t jumping up and down like maniacs and they look great, so I’m eager to try the more gentle, relaxed workouts.

I like doing moves that target more than one muscle group. You get max benefit and can cut your workout times in half. So, I picked my 7 favorite for the video below! Apologies that I look like a hot mess express! I hiked up Fryman Canyon to film and it was HOT.

I have had such a tough time staying on the wagon. YIKES! It happens to all of us. Life happens. Feelings happen. I need to move more and if you do too, then you’ll be excited for this! March 1, I’m going to host a 4-week Low Impact Workout Challenge. Let’s motivate each other. I’ll be emailing out the 4-week challenge and a sample meal plan at the end of this month! I’m so excited to work out with you.

Check out this week’s video where I demonstrate the form for my favorite 7 low impact moves and talk to you about working out because you LOVE your body. 

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