No matter your political affiliation, it’s pretty fucking awesome that a woman ran for president and got as far as she did. That’s why I think the future is female. To ensure this, I think there are a few things we need to do and focus on in 2017.

1.Go after your dreams. Work hard. And please, for the love of God, don’t try getting a leg-up by spreading yours. (yea, I said it.)

2.Stop tearing down other women. There’s room for everyone to be awesome. Envy isn’t a good look on anyone.

3.Practice more self-love. Build yourself up; don’t beat yourself down.

4.Lean in. Stand up. And stop letting men dictate what we do!

5.Stop putting everything on a timeline. Go with the flow and be more Zen.


That’s not all I think! Check out my latest video Advice for Women in 2017.

Warning… I get pretty sassy. Would you expect anything less from me at this point?