My hair is kinda my thing. I have a lion mane of curls that I’ve grown to love, as I’ve gotten older. I know how to tame it and take care of it; it’s also SUPER low maintenance. It’s washed 1-2 times a week, serum, curling product, then let it air dry. It’s pretty magical and I know I’m very lucky to have well-behaved, beautiful hair.

Curly hair is naturally drier and coarser than straight hair, so a good conditioner is a must, but they’re hard to come by! Curly hair craves a thick, rich, moisturizing conditioner, but something that doesn’t leave residue or weigh it down too much. Us curly haired girls also don’t want a shampoo that dries it out, so a moisturizing shampoo is also a must!

What about us girls that color our hair? Now we need to add color safe to our list of requirements. This requirements list for hair products gets pretty long…. Color safe, Moisturizing, No-Harsh Chemicals, Smells good… That’s where L’Oreal steps in with their EverCurl Sulfate-Free line of products. Honestly, I was shocked at the quality and still can’t believe my hair is this soft right now!

The EverCurl shampoo was thicker than any shampoo I’ve used before. Infused with coconut oil, you could feel the moisturizer in it as it started to lather. It rinsed out really easily and didn’t leave any residue. The conditioner was THICK and I was in LOVE the moment it touched my hand. Who wants a runny conditioner? Not this girl. I let it sit in my head for a few minutes and then tried to run my fingers through (that’s the test of a good conditioner btw…) and BOOM… I could basically comb my nappy head out with my fingers. This rinsed out clean as well.

The true test came with the curling gel-cream. Curling creams are useless in my hair. They make my hair like a slimy frizzball. Gels are full of alcohol; so they’re drying, as well as heavy and leave that crunchy feel. I was nervous, like a, “am I going to have to rewash my hair” kind of nervous. I put a few pumps into my palm and gave it a rub between my hands. It had a good texture, sort of like a balm, but not tacky at all. I pulled it through from root to ends and let it air dry. I was so surprised at how soft and bouncy the curls were and best of all… NO FRIZZ. I give these products a BIG BIG BIG thumbs up! They’re worth trying if you have a fro like mine.

*I received these products for free from Influenster and L’Oreal for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.