While there were some amazing aspects of 2016, I’m ready to see it drift off into the sunset. I’ve had a few gifts from the universe, but for me, 2016 was about learning. I did a massive amount of soul-searching and dragging myself up out of the muck. 2016 taught me many things and I’m ready to apply all that I have learned to a new, incredible year.

Some people call them resolutions, but I call them goals. Goals are something you’re so passionate about that you will stop at nothing to reach them, but no matter what you refer to them as, I truly believe that going into each new year with a clear idea of what you want to get out of it, will shape your future life and self for the better. Use the days leading up to 2017 as a period of self-reflection. Look at those days as a period of rebirth and rediscovery. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What does your perfect life look like?

Shift Your Mindset

Dream it. Set the intention. Manifest. Achieve. Make one of your goals for 2017 to shift the way you think. There is nothing you can’t achieve. Want to start your own fashion line? Decide your market, your design, research retailers and manufacturers… While it is a huge goal with many moving parts, it’s achievable; break your larger goal down into achievable steps. Surround yourself with those who challenge you and keep you accountable. Seek out advice from those who have done it already. Focus on staying positive and understand that there is nothing wrong with learning as you go. If you carry yourself as if you’ve already achieved your goals, you will achieve them. Every thought is energy… keep them positive and the universe will bless you in return.


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Stay Organized

 An old school day planner and a weekly checklist has made 2016 extremely productive for me. You’ve probably seen me mention the power of writing things down quite a few times… The power in this is, you’re taking the energy of your thought and making it concrete through a small action—pen to paper. This now serves as a reminder of what you want to achieve. Writing down your goals and daily tasks is a way to keep your thoughts organized. List things out in order of importance, timelines, smaller step goals – create a clear road map so that you don’t wander off! Also, work in a dynamic, but CLEAN space. Organizing your workspace is just as important as keeping your brain in check.

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Health is Wealth

 Skip the gym membership in 2017. We all strive to be healthier versions of ourselves, but I don’t believe a gym membership is the way to go. Be gentle with yourself and start small. Make goals of drinking more water, getting 10,000 steps a day, and eating more balanced meals… while still being able to enjoy a cupcake every so often! You’d be surprised how the smallest changes yield the biggest results, not just in body, but in mind as well. Focus on creating healthier habits rather than a total body transformation. Listen to your body and trust the process. If what you’re doing doesn’t make you feel better on a mind, body, AND soul level, then you’re not achieving optimal health.

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Rest, Reset, and Recharge

Know when your body is reaching the point of being burnt out. If you wake up on a Saturday with a list of things to do, but your body wants to stay in PJs and veg out all day, let it. Go with it. We need rest, both mentally and physically and you shouldn’t feel bad for giving in to it. Allowing yourself to rest, reset, and recharge keeps your mind sharp and your body healthy. Laundry can wait. Life is all about balance and we can’t survive if we’re all action and no rest. What are your favorite ways to rest after the workday? Treat yourself to it daily. Make it a ritual.

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2017 can be the best year yet with just those 4 simple steps! Honest! Take some time for yourself over the next couple weeks and do some journaling. Think about the aspects of your life where these types of goals and resolutions apply, then introduce them into your life in January. Become more self-aware so that at the end of the year you know what you were able to change, what needs work, and all the awesome things you’ve accomplished! Think positive. Write it down. Keep it healthy. Take a nap. Here’s to 2017!