Admittedly, I had a little bit of a champagne hangover when I came up with this dish, but it was totally delicious and nutritious… and it cured the hangover, so I win!

I know some people scoff at the idea of eating vegetables for breakfast, especially the green ones, but I LOVE adding greens into my morning meals. Too often, people choose empty carbs for breakfast, so this hash and eggs dish is the perfect way to amp up your morning nutrition without taking a lot of time.

It’s rich, hearty and full of fall vibes. Do you love eating seasonally as much as I do? Here’s the recipe for my Autumn Breakfast Hash and Eggs!


 5 small red potatoes, quartered or 1 cup butternut squash, cubed

1 cup Brussels sprouts, halved

¼ cup sweet Spanish onion, sliced

1 egg

2 garlic cloves

Salt and Pepper

2 TBSP Olive Oil


How to Prepare

Heat olive oil in non-stick skillet on medium heat. Saute the garlic until golden. Add the spouts, potatoes and onions. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Saute until all ingredients are coated evenly with oil. Cover for 15-20 minutes or until the potatoes are soft. Transfer to dish.

To prepare egg over-medium, crack egg in center of the hot pan. Allow it to cook for two minutes and then flip gently, as to not break the yolk. Cook another two minutes and then place on top of the vegetable hash.