tothewomanwhoseTo the woman whose soul burns bright, but differently than the others… you are so much more than most can handle and that’s ok. You see the beauty of life and show gratitude for the universe and all it’s blessings. You not only feel the magic around you, you manifest it and become your own magic. You allow the moon to control your internal tide each month because you know life is about ebbs and flows, breaking down and rebuilding, but most importantly, keeping your vibration high. There is an indescribable energy about you and around you. Your soul does not conform to what society says is so… it is transcendent. It sees things differently, feels things differently, and attracts a wildness that most are afraid to tap into. You unapologetically dance to your own beat, brushing off the judgment of others with a shrug. You truly understand that life is about living and you will do it to it’s fullest potential. You are not afraid.

Throwing ourselves into a pit of passion, whether it is for something or someone leaves us susceptible to a world of hurt, but we do not fear hurt because we understand that in order to know and understand the greatness of love and intoxicating pleasure, we must also know the opposite. We are not afraid of wearing our hearts on our sleeves, no matter how many times it has been bruised and beaten. We want to heal the world through our smiles, our gentle touch, our words and actions… but we also want to heal ourselves. We want to shine lights on our own darkest shadows, to find true happiness, pursue our wild dreams, and love ourselves unconditionally. Our ideals of what life should be will not be swayed.

Live for yourself. Your hopes. Dreams. Desires. At the end of this life, don’t have regrets. You should not have held back from doing what you want because of how others feel about your decisions. Live the life YOU love. It is better to be solitary and free than surrounded by people who dull your shine.

I write this to you as a woman of almost thirty. A woman who knows she’s not exactly wired the way society thinks she should be… I’m a person who let outside influence stop me from going after what I love many times—who has tiptoed around passions because of what others may think. But, I’m finally at a place in my life that I can say, “fuck it” and do everything I want to do without any regard for what others may think. I don’t care any more. I go after the things that make me happy. I don’t care if I’m not understood. I don’t have to be. What I have to be is happy… so that means I will do full moon ceremonies, meditate, bathe in essential oils… be in tune with the divine feminine, nature, and the universe. I create my own magic.

I know what I want. I know I want a man in my life, but don’t need one. I know that my perfect wedding is eloping on a bluff overlooking the ocean, because I believe that the union is sacred and about the two people wanting to live out the rest of their lives together. I know I don’t want children and I’m not sorry about it. I want to see the world, love hard, create things that will change a person’s day… I want to make all decisions based on what my heart wants and refuse to let people influence my life because at the end of the day, it is MY life and I want to get out of it everything I can. I truly believe that we are here to learn valuable lessons, know ourselves, fall in love, but most of all, find our own versions of happy. People don’t need to understand your life and you don’t have to justify it. It took me too long to learn that lesson, so please, DO WHAT SETS YOUR SOUL ON FIRE.

So, to the woman whose soul burns bright but differently than the others, let your light shine even if it’s blinding to the people who can’t handle it. Elope on a mountain. Quit your job. Take the trip. Dance naked under the full moon. Embrace how beautifully and enchantingly different you are. There aren’t many of us. We are magic. I know this now.