Maybelline’s new Super Stay 24 is lip color that will survive the apocalypse. Influenster sent me the colors Constant Toast and Keep Up the Flame to test out and review for Maybelline. As someone who doesn’t wear much makeup, I didn’t go into it expecting too much. Lip color is lip color, right? WRONG.


Super Stay 24 is a gloss and a balm. Personally, I hate two-step processes for makeup. Like, can we just apply and go?! (In all honesty, the only makeup I have on in those pictures is mascara and the Super Stay 24. I can’t be bothered with makeup… so all you ladies that contour the shit out of your faces on the daily… I applaud you.) BUT, the process for applying the new Super Stay 24 color is worth it.


How to use/Apply

Step 1. Apply liquid lip color to clean, bare lips.

Step 2. Allow two minutes to dry, then apply the ultra-conditioning balm to seal in moisture

Step. 3 Reapply balm as needed

Step 4. Remove with an oil-based makeup remover.


The liquid color dried the slightest bit tacky, but once you apply the balm, it’s smooth and ultra shiny. Constant Toast looked a little too “Barbie pink” in the tube, but once applied, I really liked it. It’s almost a natural pink lip and would really brighten up a daytime face. Keep Up the Flame goes on vampire red. I LOVED it. I don’t know why I’m so into a red lip lately, but this shade takes the cake.

But does this color really last? YES. I tested it out thoroughly. I rubbed my fingers across my lips, wet my lips, washed my lips with soap, rubbed them on a towel and finally used an exfoliating wipe on them…. The color didn’t smudge a bit.

You can check out my review video on youtube. I even filmed me trying to get it off my lips… that’s how I know it will survive the apocalypse. HAHA!