The Only Diet Worth Being On

Do you want to know all the diets I’ve been on over the past decade? Weight Watcher’s, Paleo, High Carb, Low fat, 10 cups of green tea a day, starvation—the list goes on and on. I’ve stripped more foods and calories out of my diet than anyone ever needs to. Low calorie + diuretics = flat tummy. But it made me sick, not just physically, but mentally as well. I finally learned that the key to dieting isn’t being on a diet, it’s having a diet. Eating balanced changed my life, but there was one diet that also changed my life and in my opinion is the only one worth being on.

The ‘No Bullshit Diet’. It’s more effective than stripping any sort of food out of your diet because it actually sparks great change in your life and allows POSITIVE results to keep building. You have acquired a lot of bullshit into your life without even realizing. It’s time to purge.



Step 1: Ditch the scale. It’s like a medieval torture device for women. Stop stepping on it. The scale doesn’t tell the whole story. It doesn’t tell you that those extra two pounds you’re seeing is muscle gain. It doesn’t tell you that the reason you’re 108lbs but still don’t have abs is because you’re not eating right or working out correctly. It allows you to project your self-worth onto the meaningless number staring back at you. People of the same height can weigh the same and look different because everyone seems to forget that we all don’t have the same body composition. Throw that fucking scale down a flight of steps. It’s probably the most bullshit thing going on in your life right now. Take it’s power away. Become best friends with yourself in the mirror and use a measuring tape to really show you progress and results.


Step 2: You are not that model in the magazine. She’s not even that model in the magazine. HELLO, RETOUCHING. Using someone else’s image as #BODYGOALS is bullshit. Trust me, I had a picture of Jessica Burciaga on my refrigerator while I was losing weight and I was actually confused why I didn’t look like her when I was in my shape. BECAUSE I’M NOT HER. Again, everyone’s body is different. Your body will change, lean out, and gain muscle but still look like YOU, just a smaller version. Throw out the magazines and connect with real people who have made real change. True inspiration comes from within, not a photoshopped fashion model.


Step 3: Women’s clothing is really some bullshit. Do any of you know what size you are? Can you say, set in stone, that you area size 6? I bet you can’t. I’m a different size in every store I walk into. I have dresses in my closet right now that are a 2 all the way up to some that are an 8. Just like the scale, the number on the inside of your jeans tricks you into thinking you are too fat, too skinny, and not good enough. Flip the bird to the fashion industry and just buy the size that fits. Don’t squeeze into something too small because the tag makes you feel better. Here’s the thing, clothes that fit well make you look good, so if the number really bothers you, cut the tag out when you get home. You’re now “the size that fits”.


Step 4: This is probably the most important step in starting and continuing the No Bullshit Diet; it’s also the toughest sometimes. You must remove the negative people who do not support you from your life. You know those people… the ones that never have anything nice to say, put you down, put other’s down, and so on and so forth. It is really hard to get our own lives together when you have bullshit coming at you from the wings. Surround yourself with the people that raise you higher, not bring you down or try to sabotage you. It’s the law of attraction.


There’s no time like the present to cut out the bullshit.