A quick and easy way to prep breakfast for the week is to make a frittata. They’re so versatile and you can really load them up with anything you want. This week, I made a super clean, vegetarian friendly frittata with baby kale and sweet potatoes.

2 Cups Baby Kale
2 large sweet potatoes, sliced into discs
8-10 xl eggs
salt & pepper
hot sauce (optional)
shredded cheese
olive oil (to grease the pan)


Using a spring-form pan (you can use any pan that is deep enough), grease the pan, layer sweet potatoes and kale; as many layers as you want or have ingredients for.


Next, whip 8-10 extra-large eggs with a dash of almond milk, salt and pepper. I added some hot sauce to mine. Swag. (Excuse the bad Beyonce reference) Pour the eggs over the sweet potatoes and kale. The egg mixture may not come all the way up, that’s ok; it will rise as it bakes. Top the pan with the shredded cheese of your choice.



Bake for 40 minutes at 400 degrees.




Depending on the size of your pan, it should make about 8 servings. For brunch, enjoy over arugula or spring mix greens. Or eat it ala carte!