As If I didn’t love California enough, but the day they said goodbye to plastic grocery bags was a glorious day indeed! Mind you, some stores still carry a plastic bag, but as a way to discourage you from using them, you have to pay for it upon checkout. Reusable bags for the win! I’ve been shopping with reusable bags for years. Once I’m done unpacking my groceries, I put them back in my trunk for the next shopping trip. It’s easy and good for the planet. You’ll feel damn good knowing that you’re reducing the waste that ends up in landfills and our oceans.

Here are some fun options for reusable shopping bags. (click images to purchase!)




How many of you shop the self-serve trail mixes and such? If you haven’t, start doing this with reusable produce bags and then store your items in glass jars at home. ZERO WASTE! Boom!! Reusable produce bags are washable; so don’t worry about putting fruits and veggies in them. They’re an extra-awesome way of making your shopping experience a little greener.




Reusable shopping bags and reusable produce bags are two small changes that will reduce your waste and help you go green! How simple is that?! Ditch the plastic and invest in some reusable bags. They even have reusable sandwich and snack bags for all you mommies out there packing lunches!


Join the #NoPlastic movement in and out of the grocery store. Look in your kitchen, what can you replace with glass? How much plastic do you use? How much waste do you produce? Packing is a huge culprit and if you aren’t one to recycle, then please consider investing in reusable bags and glass storage containers. We all have a little hippie in us—time to tap into it.