I always get a better workout when I feel like I look good, but I also manage to not spend a ton of money on workout clothing… and I have a TON of workout clothes. Behold… Target’s new C9 Collection! Fabulous colors, fierce patterns, and an easy-on-your-wallet price tag!



Where my curly hair girls at? I KNOW that feeling of when you have a fresh blowout, the last thing you want to do is sweat. I don’t want to ruin all that work either, but I’ve found CLEAN FREAK—an amazing dry shampoo by Not Your Mother’s Brand! Another go to after a good sweat sesh in the gym is a body scrub so that my skin is baby soft, cue THE DARK from Perfectly Posh.




Don’t over-wash your face! It makes it dry or can make it too oily. Your face can is sensitive, so instead of washing it after the gym, try using a facial wipe. BURT’S BEES CLEANSING wipes are my favorite! It leaves my face clean, refreshed, and smooth. No washing necessary. Just wipe and go!




My latest switch into being living more organic and natural is a switch in deodorant. All the crapola that’s in regular deodorant goes straight to your lymph nodes. That’s no fun, so try switching to a gentle, natural deodorant like NOURISH ORGANIC. Allow your body to detox years of chemical-ridden deodorant… your pits will thank you.




After your best workouts, when you’re feeling sore, give yourself a little massage with two of my go-to essential oil products. ORTHO SPORT and DEEP RELIEF will work deep down into your muscles and ease tired, achy muscles. No more Advil for you! That’s an essential oils win right there.