AreYouEmpoweredByYourSexualityI had a blog on hypnotherapy planned for today but this week’s Kardashian social media explosion got me thinking… do you really want to be empowered by your sexuality? I am a supporter of celebrating the naked body and I want women to embrace their sexuality, but something inside me doesn’t want someone to be empowered by it.

I fully support women feeling sexy, especially moms, but that nude photo Kim posted came off as a women looking for validation from strangers. In one of her responses, she listed everything she is– a wife, mother, daughter, and sister, so why not draw your confidence from all those things? Why not draw your empowerment from building a brand? I’m sure there are so many wonderful things about Kim that the world doesn’t get to see because it’s masked by vanity and excess. I believe everyone, especially her, is more than just a body.

While we’re on this subject, I’m also over the terms “fat shaming” and “slut shaming”… really any phrase that includes the word “shaming”. I read that back and forth between her and Chloe and Bette and Pink… Why is it that when someone gives an opposite opinion it’s automatically some form of shaming now? Most of what I read was exactly what I said—YOU’RE MORE THAN YOUR BODY. That’s not shaming. I find that statement to be so empowering. You are goodness, you are brains, you are life in action.

When I was working with Justina on branding for Nikki Nurtures, I said: I REFUSE TO BE ONE OF THOSE HALF NAKED GIRLS ON INSTAGRAM JUST TO GET FOLLOWERS. It’s not a slam to them because if they got it and they want to flaunt it, that’s up to them. I, as a coach, just felt like I had more to give. I have knowledge, compassion, love, and understanding. Those personality traits empower me. Not my bikini photos. What I have to offer this world can be done in clothes.

Marc Jacobs said one of my favorite quotes of all time:

“Young girls need to learn that sexiness isn’t about getting naked”

I want you all to feel comfortable and beautiful when you’re naked. I want you to feel comfortable in your skin but know that your body is truly a temple and you should be careful how you share it. You are not just T&A. You have more to offer this world. You’re more than your body. Find your purpose.