Do No HarmTruth be told, my Jersey attitude hasn’t gone away. I fully embrace my California hippie that is pro-peace, love, and hiking, but kept in a cage for just the right moments is Jersey. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, stand up for herself or the people she loves, has a mouth like a sailor and can get real fired up in little time. I hate drama and I don’t fuel fires unless it’s necessary. When those moments arise, I let Jersey out of her cage because she’s scary enough that people understand within moments that I mean business. Do no harm, but take no shit.

Live your life not bothered by everyone’s bullshit. Whether you consider it ‘turning a blind eye’ or ‘bliss by ignorance’, don’t allow yourself to become consumed by drama, bad vibes, or what people think of you. With that being said, be conscious of what you put out into the world too. Harm not yourself, others, or anything whether by action or by words, but if you feel like you need to let Jersey out of the cage, do it. Do no harm, but take no shit means not being a doormat.

Not taking shit doesn’t mean becoming violent. Most of the time, all I need to do is flash the famous “Nikki face” for people to see that I’m not taking what they’re putting down. Have the confidence to know when to open your mouth and put energy into something you normally wouldn’t. If someone continually uses you or is unapologetic about something they have done to you, it’s time to “take no shit”.

I think learning to brush things off is half the battle of life, which is why I very rarely allow myself to get worked up about things. When it comes down to do, it’s all about picking your battles. Not every day needs to be a battle and honestly, it’s not good for your overall wellbeing. So, learn to breathe, do no harm, but know when to take not shit.