Scrubs and lip balms and oilsIt’s been almost a year since I was introduced to Perfectly Posh, which is a naturally based bath and body product company that mixes fun and good-for-you ingredients like Shea butter, honey, and essential oils! They’re also super affordable for such high-end products. Glam Glow has an incredibly popular mud mask that cost $69 for a measly 1.7oz. Holy cow, that’s ridiculous. With a little label reading, I realized that Posh’s THE STRIPPER BODY MASK has the same ingredients and you get 8oz for $24. This made me feel good because I had terrible skin when I was younger and I’ve done prescription skincare and all of the super expensive products like Glam Glow, so It’s nice to see companies making incredible products for less. Even now, I can treat my skin well, without the huge price tag. I hadn’t ordered anything from posh in quite some time because they’re products last a really long time. That’s what happens when you use natural ingredients…a little bit goes a long way. I’m friends with a few consultants on Facebook that were super excited about the new spring/summer catalog, so I checked it out. These were the goodies I ordered!

The Dark

Walk on the Beach was my favorite scent from last year, so I was super excited that they brought it back! I’ve been using my body wash and foot scrub sparingly because I was that in love with the scent. This year, they have WALK ON THE BEACH BODY MISTER and WALK ON THE BEACH DRY BODY OIL. Still hoping they’ll bring the body wash back, but this will get me over the hump. With White frangipani, jasmine, and plum, it’s the perfect scent to bring summer to you all year long.

Everyone at Posh was raving about the scent of GOOD VIBES HAND CREAM and now I know why. Imagine sitting on a beach somewhere tropical, drinking a Pina Colada… that is what the scent of Good Vibes is like. Mango and Coconut without being so strong that you get a headache. It’s heavenly and I recommend it, highly!

The last of the body products I ordered was THE DARK BODY SCRUB. I always use scrubbies on my face–my favorite scrubby facial cleanser is COMPLEXION PERFECTION. I love how my face feels afterwards, so why not try a body scrub to make the rest of my skin feel smooth. My description won’t even do this justice, so this is what Posh has to say:

“You’ll never fear the dark again after encountering this black sea salt and charcoal body scrub. Moisturizing shea butter and honey complete this dusky fusion with a fresh sea breeze scent. Apply liberally and scrub from neck to toes in the bath or shower 2–5 times weekly until you cross over to the dark side.”

Whole Lava Love 

I don’t like letting my face get used to the same cleansers or scrubs because I personally feel like they become less effective. I switch up my products almost every day and too keep it smooth and wrinkle free; I figured I’d try an exfoliator. Different from a scrub, that I’ll probably use a few times a week for an at home facial, I fell in love with WHOLE LAVA LOVE VOLCANIC ASH EXFOLIATOR! Talk about your face feeling like a baby’s bottom. Tea Tree Oil and Mint leave the skin refreshed and clean.

Personally, I always forget that my lips are part of my face and they need to be moisturized too. So I picked up this $4 CUBAN COOL LIP BALM, which definitely brings a hint of the island’s famous mojito to my kisser! The ZIP YOUR LIPS 6 pack of all their new summer flavors is available for only $20!


If you know me, you know that my hair is my thing. I’ve learned to control my curly mane into almost any style I want. Curly and Straight are easy peasy and I LOVE beachy, windblown waves. I don’t use heat on my hair often, but I do color-treat A LOT. So I make sure that I use rich, healing shampoo and conditioner and serum afterwards. Curly hair is naturally drier, so keeping it moisturized is sometimes difficult. Posh’s summer hair treatments that boast more beachy scents include VITAMIN SEA SHAMPOO, OFFSHORE RESTORE HAIR MASK, and ENCHANTRESS HAIR SERUM. The three together give awesome body that’s moisturized and soft. I’ll definitely be stocking up on these three to use all year long.

To check out the rest of Perfectly Posh’s Spring/Summer catalog, click any of the pictures of HERE.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying out Perfectly Posh, I hope this review sways you to test them out for yourself. They’re amazing quality at a fair price and they’re fun! Everything a girl wants. But, hey, they even have MANLY POSH… they’re all about equal opportunity pampering.