Home Scents_Homemade Room SprayHave you stopped and thought about what you breathe in on a daily basis? Hairspray? Cleaning Products? Smog? If we can consciously try to avoid breathing in chemicals in our homes, we should. We all want our homes to smell nice. I don’t think anyone stops to read ingredient labels on cans and we put way too much trust into commercials. Yes, I get it; things are scientifically proven to be ok for your health. But, more and more we are seeing cases of illness based on long-term use of certain products.

Do you really feel comfortable breathing in the spray coming out of that can? Do you feel safe plugging that deodorizer into a wall in your child’s room? Truth be told, we don’t know what will set off an adverse reaction in someone. I’m sure some essential oils could make someone sneeze or get hives. My sister has a terrible reaction to fresh cut grass, but I’d rather have a reaction to something natural than a chemical.

What is the first thing you grab to change the scent of your home? A candle? Incense? Or do you grab a can of deodorizer or plug something into a wall?   It might be time to become more natural and make a room spray yourself. I always feel good making my own products because I know exactly what is going in them. DIY puts all the control into your hands and trust me… there is a way to make everything you desire right in your kitchen.

So, to spare your lungs from harmful chemicals, here are a few of my favorite homemade room sprays…

What you’ll need:

Distilled/Filtered Water

Essential Oils

Glass Spray Bottles


The Enlightened One:

8oz Distilled Water

8 drops Frankincense

8 drops Myrrh


Spring Has Sprung:

8oz Distilled Water

8 drops Lavender

8 drop Patchouli


Beach Day:

8oz Distilled Water

8 drops Jasmine

4 drops orange


Shake before each use and spritz 3-4x into the air. The oils for room spray are more concentrated than they would be if you were to put them on your skin. If mixture gets on you, immediately put a carrier oil on your skin. If the mix gets in your eyes, do NOT flush with water! Seek medical attention.